Remember the heroes. Odesa remains the only city, where there is no memorial to fallen soldiers of ATO and Heaven’s Hundred


Odesa, May 6, 2015 – Alina Podolyanka, activist, director of the volunteer center “Podolyanka”; Galina Averyanova, activist, volunteer; Vitaliy Velichko, commander of the 3rd Platoon of the 7th company of the 3rd Battalion, 28th MB; Vladyslav Balinsky, activist, volunteer, member of the “May 2″ group, held a briefing on the topic: “The need to create a memorial to fallen soldiers-heroes of the ATO in Odesa”.


Alina Podolyanka told that activists searched on the Internet and looked what parts of Ukraine have memorials, commemorative plaques, memorials to Heaven’s Hundred and fallen soldiers of ATO. And in Western Ukraine, and in all the major cities of Central, South, East Ukraine there are places to honor the memory of Ukrainians, who died last year and this year, for our freedom. There are some in Mykolaiv and Kherson, and Dnipropetrovsk. In Odesa, so far there is nothing.


Alina Podolyanka told that the wounded at the Odesa hospital asking where they can go and lay flowers to commemorate their fallen comrades. And volunteers have nothing to reply to them, out of shame can only hide their eyes.


When we said goodbye to our heroes Akela and Kutuzov on Cathedral Square, people were on their knees, but none of the leadership of the city and the region came, did not bring flowers.


Therefore, on May 8, at Walk of Fame, activists during official events of the city authorities, put up a banner with pictures of hundreds of dead residents of Odesa region, died in Ukrainian-Russian war. For all to see that there is no difference between Hitler and Putin fascism.


Now history is made before our eyes. Heroes are among us. Most of the victims – the residents of the region. Therefore it is not possible to properly carry out their last journey. On their graves are no signs that they are heroes, who died for Ukraine. Therefore, a place should be in Odesa. For all to see and know that before them are heroes.


Alina Podolyanka said, where the monument should be – will decide patriotic community of Odesa, and not the city government, which already more than a year did nothing to honor the memory of those, who gave their life for us to have peace and freedom.


For a start, said Alina Podolyanka, in a park near the Potemkin Stairs we’ll install stands with photos of dead soldiers. And we will demand from the authorities round the clock security. Because in the city there are plenty of morons, who want to desecrate the holy place.


Vitaly Velichko said that more than 7 months, soldiers of 28th Mechanized Brigade are at the forefront in the area of ​​Pisky, Maryinka, Krasnogorivka. There were killed many of their comrades. And many died heroically. For example, one guy from reconnaissance, Yevgeniy Ochukov, who was 22 years old, deliberately sacrificed himself to help his comrades to escape from the fire, when they ran into a camouflaged checkpoint. And we must remember and honor heroes like him.


Galina Averyanova said that social activists want to arrange a memorial at the Alley of the Moon Park, which is located near the Potemkin Stairs. There’s a lot of light, near the sea, there are many tourists and guests that could not only see the sights, but also to honor the memory of heroes of ATO and Heaven’s Hundreds.


UK honors its heroes simply, without any luxury monuments. The names of heroes are carved on the granite boulders. In particular, it protects them from vandalism. We’d like to set the same boulders along the wall adjacent to the Boulevard. Before our eyes the history is going on and we need to educate a new generation on the examples of Heaven’s Hundred and heroes of ATO.


Vladyslav Balinsky told that it is now clear to everyone that there is a real war. And outraged that he, as a volunteer, returning from the area of ​​ ATO, see how calm Odesa residents live a normal life, have a good time. On the one hand, it is good, but on the other – people need to understand what is happening, to whom they owe a quiet life. And we need a place where all could honor the memory of those, who gave their lives for ours. In the meantime, the fact is that Odesa remains the only regional center, where there is no memorial.


Once on the terrace were planted linden dedicated to Heaven’s Hundred, was a request to city council to name the alley in the honor of Heaven’s Hundred. In this reply was received that the city authorities are planning to create a memorial alley in Shevchenko Park. This was done over a year ago and during that time nothing has changed.


Vladyslav Balinsky said that Moon Square prevents subsidence of the Primorsky Boulevard and buildings located on it. Use this terrace otherwise except parkland is impossible. And because of it is not clear opposition of the authorities of the arrangement of the memorial there. There are doubts that they just do not want for political reasons.


Volunteer says fighters on the front line are heavily dependent on us. They depend on our support, and not only material but also spiritual, moral. Guys need to see that people honor the memory of their fallen comrades, realize how much they have done for them.


This memorial avenue should help our soldiers to confront the enemy, to understand that they give their lives not in vain.