Russian actor Panin was not beaten, but brought up in Odessa


Ivan Vyshytiy, social activist, representing the public organization “Patriot of Ukraine”, said at a briefing about the “detention” and apology of Russian actor Alexei Panin in Odessa for his anti-Ukrainian statements.

The Board of Civil Protection of Odessa received information that in our city there was a Russian actor Alexei Panin, who earlier said that Odessa is Russian city and supported the annexation of Crimea by Russia.

Civil society activists of Odessa went to a café, where Panin spent time with his companions to talk to him, explain and show that Odessa – Ukrainian city.

In parallel, the Police were called and the SSU. The appearance of security services had to wait about 2 hours. All this time lasted conversation with Panin. Russian actor admitted that he was wrong when he made his statements about Crimea and Odessa.

Later, he was handed over to representatives of the SSU. He was taken; after all it became known that the actor successfully flew to Moscow. An hour after the departure of the SSU said that against the actor there is a criminal case concerning the actions leading to a split in Ukraine. Other than showing off, according to Ivan Vyshytiy, such behavior of the security services cannot be named.

The activist said that physical violence was not used to Panin. Violence is not the method in such cases, but to convince the person to apologize – it was right. At the same time Russian actor still was scared and in a conversation pressured pity. His non-masculine behavior even cause embarrassment and surprise.

In parting, the activists gave Panin chevron “Dill” and lighter with the inscription “Crimea is Russia” to our city remembered him as the capital of humor.

At the same time, Ivan Vyshytiy said that if there had been other Russian actors occupying furious anti-Ukrainian position, Mikhail Porechenkov or Ivan Ohlobystin with them one would not even talk.

According to the activist, those who spoke with Panin, the impression that he, in spite of fear, truly realized that he was wrong in his statements about Ukraine. But the Patriots have no hope that in the future he will escape act against our country.

After all, the whole life in Russia, where Panin returned, built on inciting hatred against Ukraine, and the actor under the influence of the environment and the promotion will return to his old positions. Especially because even in his own country, Panin is despised as a man of immoral and dishonest.