Russian from Maidan defends Ukraine in the ATO



February 26, 2015 – Andrei Krasilnikov, soldier from volunteer battalion, participant of Euromaidan, a citizen of the Russian Federation, said at a briefing about the defense of Schastya, Lugansk region and the situation in his battalion “Aidar”, which defends it.


Andrei Krasilnikov told that he has been living in Odessa since September 2005. Arrived for work. In 2007 he married the girl from Odessa, in 2010, his son was born. Participation in Euromaidan he accepted because shared the idea of ​​European integration of Ukraine. In April 2014, – took part in the defense of Odessa, stood at checkpoints. May 2 he received a gunshot wound near the House of Unions. After discharge, was opened a criminal case under article 294 v2 “The organization of mass unrest, resulting in the death of people”. Because of his Russian citizenship mistakenly recorded in the supporters of separatism. After Andrei Krasilnikov was released under house arrest, he and his brothers from Maidan went to the East, to ATO, where he became a volunteer in the battalion “Aidar”. Now he defends Ukraine in the 2 Afghan Assault Company, which defends the city Schastya in the Lugansk region.


Sometimes you can hear from detractors charge that “Aidar” is pillaging. Andrei Krasilnikov explained that this fact was unfortunately in the summer of last year. Now the group, which was pillaging, in the battalion no longer serves. Against these people prosecuted, some of them have already been arrested.


Now “Aidar” has another battalion commander and became part of the Ukrainian Army. Therefore, looting is out of question.


Soldiers draw up contracts, all of them have the status of combatants and all benefits.


At the same time the former battalion commander Melnychuk became a deputy of Ukraine and is now trying to create a parallel to “Aidar” structure on the basis of illegal and incomprehensible. Melnychuk is not de jure commander of “Aidar”. It is governed by a different person – Ptashkin.


During his stay in the area of ATO Andrei Krasilnikova there were no losses in the company, only two fighters got a concussion. The relationship between the fighters can be described in one sentence – fighting brotherhood. Everyone knows that at any moment can start a fight, and your life will depend on the companion that next to you.


Local residents in Schastya live in basements, some are literally starving. Fit, stew or ask for bread 10 UAH.


Most of the population has left Happiness. Stayed mostly single people of pension and retirement age. They live in dilapidated houses and cottages. Very few houses are without damage.


Until the day of the armistice, the city was badly fired from “Grad” and cannons almost without interruption. Now there is relatively quiet.


2 Afghan Assault Company created from Maidan hundred of Afghan. In its structure represented all regions of Ukraine, including Lugansk and Donetsk. “Aidar” is completely volunteer battalion. Combat training is carrying out continuously; drive it, those who have real experience of fighting.


The criminal case against Andrei Krasilnikov was closed on 9 February. Now he must obtain a residence permit, which he was not given due to the fact that the criminal case was opened.


Hopes that there will be peace all over after the conclusion of the current truce Andrei Krasilnikov has not. The separatists had big losses under Debaltseve and now they restore power, accumulate them, train people, and after about a month or two can start a new active offensive operations.


Fighter of “Aidar” noted that the interaction between the parts is good. Any enemy attack the AFU gives an adequate response. If necessary, they are provided support by armor and artillery.


The war is now mainly conducted at a distance – shelling, fire from heavy machine guns and sniper weapons. Directly shooting contact happens infrequently.