Russian stars, who say there “Our Crimea”, in Odessa secretly help the Ukrainian Army

irina angelova


Odessa, February 25, 2015 – Irina Angelova, a restaurateur, who helps the Army and the Ukrainian patriotic movement, said at a briefing, how Odessa business support Army and survive during crisis.


Irina Angelova said that judging by the volume of goods with the aid for the soldiers, which are sent from Odessa in the area of ​​ ATO, many help the Army.


When did the events on Maidan, the restaurateur had to make a choice on which side to stand. She chose the side of the country in which she lives. And when a year ago from Ukraine were separated Crimea, Irina Angelova acutely felt and experienced how unfairly it was. And now, too, she prefers to be on the side of justice. Justice is on the side of Ukraine. Therefore, Irina began to help the Army, despite the fact that the restaurant business is not in the best condition. Restaurants are closed en masse, because people are not up to entertainment.


Someone donates money. And Irina Angelova with volunteer Dalia Severin started with the fact that began to collect socks and underwear for the Army. In the cafe opened volunteer center. But over time, its scope increased that the place was not enough and volunteers moved to another location.


A restaurant of Irina Angelova began to cooperate with other volunteer organizations located in the neighborhood – Rada Gromadskoї Bezpeky. The restaurant began to prepare delicious food for the Army to diversify the soldier’s diet. Institution itself has become a gathering place for patriotic citizens of Odessa and guests of Odessa. Material and moral support does not stop, despite the complexity of the situation in the country.


All of these activities in support of the Ukrainian state has led to the fact that the cafe was recently mined by those to whom such a love for Ukraine – as a bone in the throat. According to Irina Angelova, before that they were never threatened, that did not prevent the enemies to hang on the door of the restaurant package, in which has been an explosive device. By chance found it in time and call the explosives experts. Terrorists did not have time to bring a bomb into action.


Although there were no threats, but had misgivings, because the institution of the family of Angelova – only in the city hangs Ukrainian flag. And for many it is – a fetish, infuriating. These people believe that all who show Ukrainian patriotism – right-wing reactionaries. But, the restaurateur is sure, should look at actions rather than characters. She did not do anything in her life, for which someone would have to kill her. She was very pleased that after the incident, all employees came to work, despite the protests of relatives. A planned concert in the restaurant, too, was held, and it was a full house.


Irina Angelova says that the country has changed greatly during the year. Once she has been taken her business and no one helped. But now everything is different. She is confident and convinced that now there are many people willing to come for help. These are social activists and ordinary citizens of Odessa.


Irina Angelova personally acquainted with many Russian celebrities. According to her, most of them are well aware of what is going on between our two countries. And even those who publicly advocate “Our Crimea” in private correspondence written to her another. And explain that they cannot publicly express their opinions, or be subjected to persecution in their country. Some even secretly transferred money to help Ukraine.


But such an atmosphere in Russia has already begun to lead to the fact that people, including successful, begin to leave it, moving, including to Ukraine.


Such communication allows you to restore contacts that with all forces are destroying the Russian authorities. Restoring relationships through food, fellowship. After all, to keep the relationship, and to stay people is very important.


But the mood in the business due to the growth of the dollar is close to panic. The purchasing power of the population falls. All profits go to compensation of growth of the dollar. The only way out in the restaurant business, which sees restaurateur – it goods replacement, the transition to domestic products.


But what is happening – not a reason to panic and throw all, on the contrary, we should by all means to correct the situation. Irina Angelova says that to get a plus, it is necessary to cross the minus.