Self-Defense of Odessa did not beat the reporter of “Timer”, but defended him


Odessa, January 23, 2015 – Vitaly Kozhukhar, coordinator of Odessa Self-Defense, said at a briefing about what occurred on January 22 near the building of Malinovsky District Court of Odessa and was called by some forces the beating of journalist.


Self-Defense of Odessa had information that will continue the trial on participants of Antimaidan on the episode “Grecheskaya”. There were fears that the hotheads try to break into the courtroom and disrupt the meeting. Vitaly Kozhukhar and several other members of Self-Defense arrived to see what was going on. There were a lot of relatives of people, who died on May 2 and their sympathizers. They resented, singing Soviet songs. Grandmothers hung on policemen and tried to enter the courtroom. Antimaidan was provoking us, and we moved closer to the Police cordon to avoid a collision. The main part of people was in the street. Many Antimaidan people moved freely entered and exited the courthouse, and they were never interfered.


But some of them provoked, especially the guys in masks, hotheads. And those were on edge. Now hostilities resumed in Donbas, and the trial was just on those people, who wanted to arrange with their actions Donetsk and Lugansk now.


Representatives of the Defense are not wearing masks. Our actions are aimed at stabilizing the situation, there is no need to hide our faces. Who were wearing masks, we do not know. Relatively the journalist of “Timer”. He behaved provocatively, came close to the guys in masks, photographed them, did not present the certificate of the journalist, when he was asked. Then they tried to force him to show the certificate, he ran, they caught him and tried to beat. We ran to stop the fight. One of our people just covered him with his body not to be beaten. Yes, when he rose, he was very dirty. Missing camera was quickly found. Bruises I have not seen.


My attitude to the “Timer” is ambiguous, but the position of Self-Defense to the media is unambiguous – they must operate freely. Journalists often go too far and provoke. But we still need to keep ourselves in our hands.


Now, many are covered with the names of Self-Defense and the Right Sector, makes their justice, putting on masks. Now we believe that masks are not needed. Everything we do, we have to do with an open face, so as not to be ashamed of the actions.


To protect journalist tried the Police, but they were not very good at it, because they are a little overweight.


The main goal of the attackers on Dotsenko was to take the tablet to delete a record from a memory card.