Self-Defense of Odessa is ready to replace the Police, while it is not reformed


Vitaly Volodya, a spokesman for the Self-Defense of Odessa, said at a briefing on the results of Self-Defense work in 2014 and plans for 2015.


Priorities of the organization in 2015, according to the activist, in comparison with the past year, will not change. Self-Defense will continue to help the inhabitants of Odessa in a variety of situations. From small domestic to global turmoil and things about each. If citizens suffer – Self-Defense help. In 2014, we carried out various social problems, and we will continue to do it.


In 2014, to Self-Defense were hundreds of hits. These are particular treatment or the larger issues, including theft, illegal evictions, and raider takeovers. Self-Defense has always come to the rescue. The reason that people are asking for help them, Self-Defense, is the actual inaction of the Police and other law enforcement agencies, and other public services. While they will not be reformed, and not work as expected, in the face of mass Self-Defense of Odessa will fight lawlessness in the methods of direct democracy itself.


Self-Defense of Odessa is growing. People swell our ranks. Come a lot of new people, who are not like those who made up the backbone of the organization in February 2014, during Euromaidan. This is logical, changing conditions and our functions, so changing and contingent of members of Self-Defense. It is also surprising that the flow of those wishing to join the ranks of Self-Defense is not reduced, even though we expect the trend to decline.


Self-Defense of Odessa continues its efforts to train people in military training center “Patriot”. People need it, they are actively enroll there, so we will continue to do so.


Often many identify Kanatnaya, 35 only with certain volunteers, or just Self-Defense. But, in fact, there are located 10 organizations, and they all make a contribution to the development of the social life of the city, its defense, military aid and refugees.


We are all there as one big family. Self-Defense function in this case – protection of these organizations and opposition to what happened in other centers. Self-Defense has taken and will take maximum measures to prevent a terrorist attack under the walls of the Center of the Patriotic Forces.


With a single center, in Kanatnaya, 35 we have a unique opportunity to concentrate in one place a number of community initiatives. There are classes on military training, civil defense, lectures on the history of Ukraine, even held mornings for children during the Christmas holidays. On the third floor open a free gym, sports equipment for which Odessa residents compiled themselves.


Participants of Self-Defense asked Odessa actively assist volunteers and to take up the work of the Centre of the Patriotic Forces. The center tries to avoid politics. So, there are no offices or representatives of political forces, although many wanted this. This is a principled position of public men.


On December 29, snowfall, Self-Defense of Odessa on seeing the inactivity of the authorities responsible for it, helped to clear the streets, pull and push of snowdrifts stranded cars. On the night of 29 to 30 December, there was an active work, some fighters have SUVs, and they actively helped anyone who needed help. For example, for 5 hours brought home mother with a newborn child.


After New Year participated in negotiations with power companies, so that they turned on the lights in several houses in Tairov area, which for 3 days were without electricity.


In Self-Defense are now more than a hundred active fighters, ready to quickly gather and to resist the aggressor. And those, who received military training in order to defend the city against the Russian invasion, in many times more.


For women, there are a medical dozen, in which participants learn the medical business, take courses for paramedical.