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Russian media are coming up with news about Odesa, unable to destabilize the situation in the city

  Odesa, April 9, 2015 – Artem Filipenko, political expert, said at a briefing causes of activation of separatist sentiment in Odesa region, who is behind it and who needs it.   April 6 was announced the establishment of “Narodna Rada of Bessarabia”. Before this were staged and posed simulating acts of civil protest. It […]

Murder of Nemtsov – act of intimidation of Russian opposition leaders

Odesa, February 12, 2015 – Elena Galkina, doctor of historical sciences, political scientist, told how Russian society perceived the murder of one of the opposition leaders, and what impact it could have.   Through the murder of Boris Nemtsov, this tragic event, to which was dedicated the march, we can analyze what has happened and […]

In Ukraine was born civic nation, in Russia will continue decline

Odessa, February 12, 2015 – Elena Galkina, doctor of historical sciences, political scientist, said at a briefing on the situation in Ukraine and Russia.   Breakthroughs at the Minsk summit will not be, that is obvious because the signing was moved to the level of the contact group. There will be no worsening of hostilities. […]

Strengthening of terrorist attacks in Donbas – the desire to put pressure on Ukraine to recognize their legitimacy

Odessa – 14 January 2015 – Artem Filippenko, a political scientist, director of the Odessa branch of the Institute for Strategic Studies held a briefing on the analysis of the current situation and events in Donbas.   Now the situation has escalated in the region of Donetsk airport plus happened tragic fire at a checkpoint […]

To fight the corruption in the Police, its local leader should be chosen by the citizens

  Odessa, January 13, 2014 – Vladimir Kutsenko, a retired Police colonel, social activist, said at a briefing about the imperfection of the draft Police reform and the need to make the election of the head of Municipal Police.   Recently have been published a draft law on Police and policing. But in the form […]