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Help for ATO fighters: there is a hotline to address and payment from regional budget

  Iryna Markevich, Head of the Department of Social Protection of the Odesa Regional State Administration, Vyacheslav Polyasny, head of the Department of Health of RSA, presented a briefing about the telephone hotline for participants of ATO and their families.   Vyacheslav Polyasny reported that the hotline is organized on the basis of clock dispatch […]

In Odesa will show a film about the volunteers, who defended the Donetsk airport

Yaroslav Popov, Alexei Byk, Leonid Kanter   Odesa, March 11, 2015 – Leonid Kanter, one of the directors, Yaroslav Popov, editor, Alexei Byk, fighter of Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, cyborg from Donetsk airport, the author of the song “ДобровольціБожоїЧоти”, told at a briefing about the Odesa premiere of the film “Добровольці Божої Чоти”.   Yaroslav Popov […]

What will happen to mobilized Ukrainians in the Army

  Odessa, January 29, 2015 – Alexei Chorny, mobilized soldier from the State Border Service of Ukraine, told what waiting for soldiers in the Army after they receive a summons.   Alexei was mobilized on September 1, 2014. Then, he said, in his head was the same, as is going on in the heads of […]

The National Guard from Odessa defends Mariupol

Odessa, January 29, 2015 – Vitaliy Danko, the commander of the military unit number 3012, Southern Territorial Administration of the National Guard of Ukraine said at a briefing on the situation in the region and how fight in the ATO members of NG.   There is not a single soldier or officer, said the commander, […]

Mobilization is legitimate and without it we cannot defend the country

  Yury Dobrov, head of the legal department of the Southern Territorial Defense Ministry of Ukraine, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice, said at a briefing on legal issues related to the mobilization. Now you can often hear that if there is no state of war, the mobilization is illegal. That’s not true. The Constitution and the […]

To the Army will be mobilized 4 thousand people from Odessa region

Oleg Obukhov, assistant of regional commissar for legal work, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice, said at a briefing on how will pass a new wave of mobilization in the Odessa region.   From January 20 began a partial mobilization in Ukraine, including in the Odessa region. It will last for 210 days. Also in the country […]

Gunners of separatists pass tests, firing at the Ukrainian checkpoints

Odessa, January 16, 2015 – Alexander Dobrozhansky, volunteer, returned from the zone of ATO, said at a briefing on the situation at checkpoints under Mariupol.   The situation at the checkpoints in the sector M, where Odessa volunteers went, is relatively stable. With provisions situation is normal, stew is. With uniforms and shoes – worse. […]

Ukrainian Army is ready to defeat the separatists and start fighting against internal enemies

Vladimir Malofeev, a member of the Maidan, a senior lieutenant AFU, ATO participant, said at a briefing on the situation in the combat zone, the mood of our soldiers and relations with the local population.   The officer in the commencement speech warned that he would not speak on behalf of the Armed Forces of […]

Career of military is gaining popularity among young people

Major Larisa Yakobchuk, Major Herman Trushkov representing the Military Academy in Odessa, cadets of Academy, told at a briefing why youth now chooses the military profession. A senior officer of department on work with the personnel of the Military Academy of Odessa Major Larisa Yakobchuk said that her staff and students are proud of the […]

How UGCC helps military, wounded, refugees and sick

father Nikolai Slobodyan (center) and father Vasily Kolodchy (far left) Father Nikolai Slobodyan, Chancellor Exarchate of Odessa Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, said at a briefing that the UGCC priests present in the East at the forefront as chaplains. They are among the soldiers who need support from internal and external pressure, support them. Our chaplains […]