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Important in a new military doctrine – concentration on defense and strengthening of real combat capability

Artem Filippenko, Regional Director of the Odessa branch of the National Institute for Strategic Studies, a member of Self-Defense of Odessa, said at a briefing on what reforms are needed and what could give the cooperation with NATO. The fighting in the East proved that we have the Army. We understand why it is needed. […]

Students of Naval Lyceum are preparing to become an elite Ukrainian Navy

Sergey Plehun, Vadim Tripolsky, Basil Borysyuk, Ludmila Kolomiets, Vyacheslav Deneychuk Odessa, December 18, 2014 – Sergey Plehun, captain of the second rank, Deputy Chief of Naval Lyceum Navy APU of Studies, told at a briefing about their school. Naval Lyceum is a school with heavy military and physical training. Every weekday at Lycée passes gym […]

“Beer factory” interfered the military to move into a new house

  Andrew Mironenko, the head of the Southern Department of Capital Construction of Ministry of Defense, told at a news briefing what prevents military to use received new apartments.   For the Southern Department of Capital Construction are enshrined 8 regions. We carry out the functions of the customer for the construction of housing for […]

For military in the ATO zone have been increased cash cover and added new benefits

Odessa, November 6, 2014 Yury Dobrov, the head of the Southern Territorial legal department, Colonel of Justice said at a briefing on social and legal protection of soldiers – participants of ATO. First of all, questions about how to get the status of combatants and with it, benefits, ask the wounded lying in Odessa hospitals. […]

Odessa stars are going to meet with the wounded and arrange charity marathon

  Yuri Kuznetsov, a musician, member of a charity concert at the Odessa Film Studio, told at a briefing about what encourages artists from Odessa to help wounded soldiers from the area of ​​ATO. Tonight, at 18 p.m., in the Art Center in the honor of Vera Kholodnaya, in our famous Odessa film studio will […]


Russian terrorists after the truce shot more than 60 civilians

  Andrew Miller, Colonel, Chief of Staff of the Odessa battalion of territorial defense “Storm”, said at a press briefing that some of their units involved in ATOin Lugansk region. He was there for 32 days. Odessa volunteers are serving in the area of ​​the settlements New Aidar, Lutugino, Starobilsk, Svatovo, Shchastya, Georgievka. Some of […]

How military musicians “fight”

  Odessa, September 9, 2014 Yury Litovko, Colonel, Chief of the orchestra of the Odessa Military Academy said at a press briefing that their concert team since March gave about 50 concerts for the soldiers of Ukrainian Army, serving in the checkpoints in the ​​ATO zone. Most of the songs, which are performing are written […]

Mariupol is not giving up – the fighters need warm clothes and warm sleeping bags

  This weekend days activists of Evromaydan Coordination Center, which is located on the street Gymnasicheskaya, 3, went to the ATO zone – were taken aid for Odessa soldiers, protecting Mariupol. Today, October 7, the leader of the Coordinating Center of Euromaydan Igor Gandzhumyants and Odessa journalist Michel Armand reported about it in Odessa Crisis […]

Doctor Amina Okueva: “Ukraine needs reform”

  31-year-old Okueva Amina from Odessa, an activist of Odessa and Kiev Maidan, a doctor, mother of 13-year-old son and wife of Adam Osmaev, accused of organizing the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is going to be a deputy of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Amina said about this at a briefing in Odessa Crisis […]

In OCMC told how to become a military sailor

Odessa, 25 September 2014 Captain 1st Rank Sergey Karpenko, Acting Head of Department personnel Command Naval Forces of Ukraine, told a press briefing that Ukrainian Navy in 2012, have gone over to military recruitment on contract. Now all those who serve in the Navy, from the ship structure to the tank, communications, Special Forces, Intelligence […]