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Russian stars, who say there “Our Crimea”, in Odessa secretly help the Ukrainian Army

  Odessa, February 25, 2015 – Irina Angelova, a restaurateur, who helps the Army and the Ukrainian patriotic movement, said at a briefing, how Odessa business support Army and survive during crisis.   Irina Angelova said that judging by the volume of goods with the aid for the soldiers, which are sent from Odessa in […]

To avoid becoming a victim of terrorist attack, rescuers advised to avoid crowds

  Odessa, February 23, 2015 – Andrei Galak, Head of Civil Protection GES in the Odessa region.   Roman Drach, group chief of pyrotechnic works, GES in the Odessa region, Maya Grinko, head of the press service, GES in the Odessa region, told at a briefing on how to properly identify dangerous objects, and how […]

Among 88 shelters in Odessa, available and in good condition are only 5

Egor Prokopchuk and Alexei Asaulenko   Odessa, February 19, 2015 – Egor Prokopchuk, head of the “Center for Protection of Odessa citizens” and Alexei Asaulenko, deputy head of the organization, told at a briefing about the real situation with the air raid shelters in Odessa.   Egor Prokopchuk said that their organization decided to check […]

“Bomb fever” in Odessa

Alla Marchenko, a spokesman for Research Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region said at a briefing about last week details of incidents related to the bombings.   On Friday, February 6, at 4 o’clock in the morning was blown branch of “PrivatBank” on the avenue of Marshal Zhukov.   Were damaged facade, windows, car, and […]