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City officials stifle entrepreneurs, extorting bribes for renewal of leases

  Odessa, February 24, 2015 – Inna Kravchuk, head of “Business Council of Odessa” and businessmen of the city, told at a briefing on corruption and extortion in the city Department of Commerce.   According to Inna Kravchuk, “Business Council” only protects entrepreneurs, who do not have debts to the state and leading their business […]

Tax specialists fear that the manger will be closed, and increase the amount of bribes

Inna Kravchuk, the head of the Business Council of Odessa region, said at a briefing about what is the situation with corruption in the tax service. According to the speaker, the public now have ensured that the tax went to an open dialogue with them. But, despite this, extortion and corruption schemes are still working, […]

Who but customs takes bribes in Odessa port

Victor Berestenko, the head of the Trade Union of forwarders of Odessa region, said at a briefing about how changed the situation with corruption in the ports after the change of authority in the country. We have a change of power in the country, but not systematic changes in the ports – there is a […]