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The city budget has brought no surprises. Reforms have not worked

  Odessa, January 22, 2015 – Sergey Jakubovsky, PhD, Professor of Mechnikov ONU, said at a briefing on the adopted budget of Odessa.   Everything is interconnected. Events in the country also affect the situation in Odessa. The budget was adopted yesterday, is based on the laws that Parliament held before the New Year. They […]

In 2015 Ukrainians will pay more taxes. But the government spared the oligarchs

    Odessa, January 5, 2015 – Inna Kravchuk, the head of the Business Council of Odessa, said at a briefing about tax reform in Ukraine and its relation to the country’s budget.   In Ukraine, the parliament adopted a budget for 2015. It would be impossible without the adoption of several laws, related to […]

People with disabilities are willing to fight for their budget rights

Timur Latypov, representative of the “European Association for the rights of persons with disabilities” in the Odessa region, said at a briefing on the possible cancellation of benefits for the disabled, which was envisaged in the draft budget for 2015. The reason for the speech was the draft law on the state budget for 2015 […]