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Russian actor Panin was not beaten, but brought up in Odessa

Ivan Vyshytiy, social activist, representing the public organization “Patriot of Ukraine”, said at a briefing about the “detention” and apology of Russian actor Alexei Panin in Odessa for his anti-Ukrainian statements. The Board of Civil Protection of Odessa received information that in our city there was a Russian actor Alexei Panin, who earlier said that […]

Self-Defense helped to defend expanded clay plant from seizure and destruction

Vitaly Kozhukhar, deputy centurion of Self-Defense, said at a briefing on how Self-Defense members guarded the community activists on the beach Langeron and helped prevent the raider attacks and looting of Odessa expanded clay plant. Self-Defense member said that it was the second time when people approached to them and asked to protect public figures […]

Odessa Film Studio is still under threat

Odessa, December 8, 2014 Dmitri Kulikovskii, a member of the movement “Save the Odessa Film Studio”, a former employee of the studio, said at a briefing about the threat to the studio and reprisals against the initiative group for the protection of the studio. At the end of 2005, the studio became UAB. 31 million […]