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How UGCC helps military, wounded, refugees and sick

father Nikolai Slobodyan (center) and father Vasily Kolodchy (far left) Father Nikolai Slobodyan, Chancellor Exarchate of Odessa Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, said at a briefing that the UGCC priests present in the East at the forefront as chaplains. They are among the soldiers who need support from internal and external pressure, support them. Our chaplains […]

Odessa volunteers are invited to participate in the contest “Charitable Ukraine”

Alexander Dobroer, Alexander Maksymchuk, Father Vasiliy Kolodchin Odessa, December 10, 2014 Briefing on”Start of Odessastageof the national contest “CharitableUkraine”. Speakers: Alexander Maksymchuk, chairman of the organizing committee of the National Competition “Charitable Ukraine”, the Ukrainian Association of Philanthropists, Father Vasiliy Kolodchin, chairman of the organizing committee of the Odessa National stage of the competition “Charity […]