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Begins fund raising to purchase equipment for the pediatric intensive care

  Svitlana Kuznetsova, Julia Kiselar Olga Tymchishina   Odessa, April 14, 2015 – Julia Kiselar, regional representative in the Odesa region All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “From heart to heart”, Svitlana Kuznetsova, head of social and legal protection of children from Odesa Regional State Administration, Olga Tymchishina, resuscitator, held a briefing on the topic: “Start of 10th […]

Ukrainian artists will hold a concert for the rehabilitation of cancer patients

Odesa, March 20, 2015 – Vyacheslav Polyasny, Head of State Administration of Health and Alex Gutmaher, founder and organizer of the Ukrainian-American charity project “НезабутняКвітка”, told at a briefing on the musical and rehabilitation program for cancer patients «Незабутня Квітка».   Vyacheslav Polyasny said that the project aims to psychological and moral support to people […]

Helping others should give us positive emotions

www.dobrirechi.org   Katerina Zhelezova, volunteer, manager of project “Dobri rechі” said at a press briefing what have made the project and its future plans.   “Dobri rechі” – a national project. Our main tool – the bright yellow packs. They are made such to be noticeable. In Odessa, you can buy them in 8 places. […]


Odessa off-roaders save people in the snow and repair military equipment

  Odessa, February 4, 2015 – Roman Gorbachenko, coordinator of the club “4×4″, the master of sports of Ukraine in motorsport, Ukrainian champion trophy-raid, said at a briefing on the club’s social initiatives and the situation of motorsport in the Odessa region.   In Odessa, there are a large number of riders, athletes and just […]

How a famous Odessa artist became Santa Claus for orphans

Musician, writer, curator of contemporary art Sergey Bakumenko and Elena Dovzhenko, a psychologist, told at a briefing on their philanthropic initiative. In the image of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, they visited the 103rd orphanage, where have arranged a holiday children with the distribution of gifts. Seeing how openly, easily and sincerely little orphans perceive […]

Odessa wants to beat Lviv in scale of Christmas celebration

Odessa,December 24, 2014- Roman Medyanik and Denis Serdichenko, representatives of the fund “Good Samaritan” told at a briefing about the grand plans for the celebration of Christmas in Odessa. Charitable Foundation “The Good Samaritan” in the last few years held in Odessa a charity Christmas fair and action “Collect a gift for orphan”. This time, […]

How UGCC helps military, wounded, refugees and sick

father Nikolai Slobodyan (center) and father Vasily Kolodchy (far left) Father Nikolai Slobodyan, Chancellor Exarchate of Odessa Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, said at a briefing that the UGCC priests present in the East at the forefront as chaplains. They are among the soldiers who need support from internal and external pressure, support them. Our chaplains […]

Odessa citizens are invited to Charity Fair at Duke

Anastasia Bazei and Alexander Kardasheva, volunteers, told at a briefing about Sunday Charity Fair near Duke to help soldiers of ATO. The fair is held every Sunday in Odessa on the Primorsky boulevard near the monument to the Duke de Richelieu (Duke). Volunteers started the initiative last month. The first events were held together with […]

Odessa students will help wounded soldier from ATO to restore vision

Aleksandr Dyachenko, Vice President for Academic and educational work of the Odessa State Academy of technical regulation and quality, said about charity marathon for peace and united Ukraine, which will be held by students in favor of the injured in the area of ATO. This year we are in a situation where as never increased […]


Grand Christmas festivities and good deeds await for Odessa

Odessa, November 5, 2014 – Natalia Terekhova, coordinator of the project “The Odessa Public festival”, said at a briefing about the preparation for Christmas festival, whose main goal – to give a joyful mood and gifts to orphans, boarding schools, children of soldiers of ATO, and the children of refugees from the East of Ukraine. […]