Архивы по тегам: checkpoint

Gunners of separatists pass tests, firing at the Ukrainian checkpoints

Odessa, January 16, 2015 – Alexander Dobrozhansky, volunteer, returned from the zone of ATO, said at a briefing on the situation at checkpoints under Mariupol.   The situation at the checkpoints in the sector M, where Odessa volunteers went, is relatively stable. With provisions situation is normal, stew is. With uniforms and shoes – worse. […]

Terrorists, who fired on the checkpoint, were hiding behind civilians

Press secretary of Navy Commander Oleg Chubuk commented at a briefing on shelling of the checkpoint near Odessa. He said that on the night of September 25, there was an attempt to blow up a checkpoint in Mezhlimanie. Unidentified shot at the checkpoint of the hand-held antitank grenade launcher. Given the fact that the attack […]