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Rest with use. Odesa activists organize hikes for children

  Odesa, April 29, 2015 – Dmytro Zhdanov, teacher, trainer of Odesa Center of Youth Creativity “Eureka”, the coordinator of the public initiative «Odessa Incognita».   Topic: “What to do with our children during the long May Day”   Dmytro Zhdanov said that the problem of employment for children on long holidays in May actually […]

Autism – not a disease, but a condition that can be corrected

Odesa, April 2, 2015 – Oksana Krivonogova, head of Autism Center of the Odesa Regional Medical Center of Mental Health, Associate Professor of Medical Psychology at the Odesa National Medical University spoke about autism in Ukraine.   The problem of autism is a very important and is becoming increasingly important. 15 years ago, children with […]

Odesa is in the first place by the number of TB patients

Odesa, March 25, 2015 – Svitlana Yesipenko, deputy chief doctor of the Odesa Regional TB sanatorium, said at a press briefing, that 24th of March is the World TB Day. The motto of the 2014 in the world: “Stop TB, to identify all patients and cure them”.   According to the World Health Organization, there […]

Odessa doctors are struggling with children’s heart defects

Odessa, March 2, 2015 – Maria Bayazitova, head of the department of cardiorheumatology at Odessa Regional Children’s Hospital held a briefing on the theme: “Actual problems of child cardiorheumatology and problems to solve them”.   In pediatric cardiorheumatology treats children with congenital heart rapids, arrhythmia, rheumatism, hypertension and other diseases of the heart.   Always […]

Children with leukemia can be cured in Odessa

  Odessa, February 23, 2015 – Natalia Molodets, the head of the Children’s Oncohematological Department of Odessa Regional Children’s Hospital, chief freelance hematology at Regional Administration, said at a briefing on the problems of children’s hematology.   The department of oncohematology in the Odessa Regional Children’s Hospital has 30 beds.   Every year in Ukraine […]

Parental smoking leads to the fact that children are born allergic

  Lyudmila Poplavskaja, head of children’s pulmonary department of Odessa Regional Hospital, held a briefing on “Winter – the most critical period in the prevention and treatment of chronic respiratory diseases of children”.   Respiratory diseases of children are very essential part of childhood pathologies. All respiratory ill children can be divided into 3 groups: […]

Volunteers are asking to leave Luhansk orphans in Odessa and send them home later

Ekaterina Nozhevnikova and Dina Kazatsker   Odessa, December 25, 2014 – Ekaterina Nozhevnikova and Dina Kazatsker told at a briefing on the situation with Lugansk orphans in Odessa.   In the city has spread information that the orphans from Luhansk region by force returned from Odessa back. That’s not right. Children are not forced. The […]

Children and their parents are invited to read at “Книгарня-кав’ярня”

  Daria Garmider, an employee of “Книгарня-кав’ярня”(bookstore-coffee shop), said at a briefing about the upcoming family readings for children, which will be held in January, during the Christmas holidays.   “Книгарня-кав’ярня” is in the Ekaterininskaya St., 77, in the Ukrainian House.   It presents the books of Ukrainian edition in Ukrainian language. Shop directly cooperates […]

Diabetes of children is treated with only one way

Tatiana Luchnikova, endocrinologist KP “Odessa Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital”, chief freelance children’s endocrinologist of Health Department of Regional Administration said at a briefing about the problem of diabetes of children.   Diabetes mellitus – is one of the most common chronic diseases worldwide. At the moment about 290 million people are sick. There are two […]

Unvaccinated children threatens polio

Odessa, 24 November 2014 Lyudmila Samoilenko, Head of Regional Center of Clinical Immunology KP “Odessa Regional Hospital”, chief freelance specialist of Laboratory of immunology and immunodiagnosis Health Department of RSA said at a briefing on the problems of vaccination in the Odessa region. According to Lyudmila Samojlenko, it is very important to improve the status […]