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Residents of the region are concerned not about separatism, but economic problems and rumors

Julia Serbina and Anna Shelest   Odesa, March 16, 2015 – Anna Shelest, a leading researcher of the Regional Branch of the National Institute for Strategic Studies; Julia Serbina, a leading researcher of the regional branch of the NII, said at a briefing about how “Ukrainian peacekeepers school” works in Odesa.   According to Anna […]

In Bessarabia began to work draft decision of regional conflicts

Odessa, December 29, 2014 – Pavel Kolotvin, head of the analytical center “Institute for Political Information” told at a briefing on the political situation in the South of the Odessa region and project of development the political dialogue and tolerance. During the project, activists plan to visit all the major towns and cities of Odessa […]

Dialogue will save and build a new Ukraine

Odessa,December 12, 2014 Roundtable on “When communication helps to overcome the crisis and to keep the conflict – the experience and perspectives of dialogue as a tool for strengthening of stability in Ukraine”. Participants: Andrej Dzyubenko, National Coordinator of OSCE projects in Ukraine, Anna Shelest, Odessa Regional Mediation Group, Natalya Bilyk, chairman of the Civil […]

Ukraine should not be a country from the periphery of the EU. It has all chances to become the state-leader

Elena Galkina, Russian historian and political scientist told at a briefing about the prospects of Ukraine, Russia and their mutual relations. Today ruble crossed the mark of 55 rubles. This is important news for the last month. For Russia, this is the beginning of the New year. Historic year beginning February 20, 2014, ended in […]

Confrontation of Maidan and Not Maidan need to be withdrawn from squares to places where people could agree

Odessa, December 9, 2014 Oksana Bolotova, psychologist, trainer of NLP, Inna Tereschenko, the mediator, conflict management, spoke at a briefing on the escalation of conflict between the Maidan and Antimaidan. Oksana Bolotova expressed psychoanalytic position, on the basis of which the representatives of the Maidan and Antimaidan gather in one place, at the same time, […]

“Titushka” with a gun was a former civil servant

Alla Marchenko, a spokesman for Research Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region said at a briefing on the detention of a man with a gun during an action at the beach Langeron. According to unconfirmed information, it was a guard of the dolphinarium “Nemo”, who had previously been civil servant. Then he got a permit […]

Greedy tenants are willing to destroy Zaplazskoe Reservoir

Eugenia Lukiyanyuk, social activist, told at a briefing on the environmental catastrophe that could happen in Lyubashevka district. Through Lyubashevka district flows river Kodyma. It has Zaplazskoe reservoir. It was built to provide technology needs in water of Zaplazsky sugar plant. In 2011, the plant stopped working and was declared bankrupt. In 2012 the reservoir […]


German conflictologists help to reconcile “Maidan” and “Antimaidan” inhabitants of Odessa

Odessa, October 12, 2014 Christophe Lutmann, Julia Krikorian (Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation), Anne Isabel Kraus, the director of the Center for Peacekeeping Mediation told at a briefing about the need of dialogue as a necessary mean to stop and prevent violence between rival groups. Conflictologists came from Germany and represent different organizations. According to […]

Maydan and Antimaydan: hard road to reconciliation through dialogue

  Odessa, October 24, 2014 Inna Tereshchenko, a conflictologist, the mediator, the head of the Odessa Regional Mediation Group, said at a briefing on the regional characteristics of the public dialogue. Since May 2014, Odessa Mediation Group initiated the movement to achieve agreement in Odessa. During this time, representatives with different points of view passed […]

The psychologist told how to not allow politicians manipulate your consciousness

  Oksana Bolotova, psychologist, trainer of NLP, said at a briefing how the inhabitants of Odessa should behave not to succumb to provocations of various political forces to heighten the conflict in Odessa, and what may be way out of some situations. Psychologists believe that in the political struggle, in the conflict, in which we […]