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Odesa activists together with MPs will fight transport corruption

Odesa, March 31, 2015 – Viktor Berestenko, head of the Trade Union of Freight Forwarders of Odesa region said at a briefing on joint work of social activists, fighting against corruption in the transport and representatives of inter-faction deputy association “Deputy control”.   According to Viktor Berestenko, when there was a parliamentary group, the participants […]

Verkhovna Rada deputies took up the fight against corruption in the customs

Odesa, March 26, 2015 – Yevgeny Deidei, a member of MDO “Deputy control”, a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Legislative Support of Law Enforcement, the faction of political party “Народнийфронт”; Vadym Rudenko, chairman of the Secretariat of Interfractional deputy association “Deputy control”; Tetyana Ostrikova, a member of MDO “Deputy control”, a member of […]

In transport sector corruption is rampant

  Olexandr Zakharov, an adviser to the First Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, coordinator of the social movement “No to Corruption in transport”; Dmytro Sergienko, director of the Southern representation AIH, told at a briefing that despite statements about reform and the new guidelines, the transport sector remains in the hands of corrupt officials. […]

Ukrainian authorities do not pay attention to the problems of seafarers

Odesa, March 13, 2015 – Borys Babin, Executive Secretary of the Ukrainian Independent Maritime Union held a briefing on “Employment of Ukrainian sailors: total corruption under occupation and the struggle for authority”.   The theme is very relevant for the city and region. More than 80 thousand people in the country are employed on ships […]

City officials stifle entrepreneurs, extorting bribes for renewal of leases

  Odessa, February 24, 2015 – Inna Kravchuk, head of “Business Council of Odessa” and businessmen of the city, told at a briefing on corruption and extortion in the city Department of Commerce.   According to Inna Kravchuk, “Business Council” only protects entrepreneurs, who do not have debts to the state and leading their business […]

Commission of Inquiry into the crackdown of Euromaidan tent city presented the results of their work

Alla Marchenko, Anatoly Boiko, Vladislav Serdyuk, Kirill Filimonov   Odessa, February 2, 2015 – Vladislav Serdyuk, Anatoly Boiko, Kirill Filimonov, members of the social group to investigate the crackdown of the tent city of Odessa Euromaidan, Alla Marchenko, a spokesman for Research Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region held a briefing on the topic: “The […]

Cashless payment for parking will bring millions to budget

Odessa, January 30, 2015 – Igor Shapataev, creator of the project of interactive parking Tap4parking presented at a briefing “Parking conception of Ukraine”.   The first thing to do with parking – completely remove the cash for parking. Now money disappears somewhere and parking themselves, usually, in terrible condition and do not develop. It is […]

Greed and corruption kill estuary Sasyk and surrounding residents

Ivan Rusev, environmentalist, Sc.D., Iryna Vykhrystyuk, environmentalist, head of the environmental organization “Vidrodzhennya” held a briefing on the topic “Will Sasyk live? Problems of estuary in Odessa region.”   The idea to make from estuary Sasyk the lake emerged in the 60s of the 20th century. Then dominated the idea of diversion of river channels […]

The director is extorting “donations” solely in dollars

Parents of pupils and members of the commission of inquiry the corruption in the school №275 Odessa, told at a briefing about the total corruption in this institution.   Bobirets Irina, mother of the child, a pupil of the 2nd form, a member of the commission of inquiry the corruption in it, said that for […]

Nobody wants to work as head of Customs house – there are fewer reasons for corruption

  Odessa, January 19, 2015 – Alexander Zakharov, the coordinator of the movement “NO – Corruption in transport” told at a briefing how the Odessa port and customs house facilities has fulfilled the New Year period and what changes await transport workers in 2015.   Customs house for the year has changed dramatically. Under our […]