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In Odesa will show a film about the volunteers, who defended the Donetsk airport

Yaroslav Popov, Alexei Byk, Leonid Kanter   Odesa, March 11, 2015 – Leonid Kanter, one of the directors, Yaroslav Popov, editor, Alexei Byk, fighter of Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, cyborg from Donetsk airport, the author of the song “ДобровольціБожоїЧоти”, told at a briefing about the Odesa premiere of the film “Добровольці Божої Чоти”.   Yaroslav Popov […]

Odessa rufer-volunteer: to surrender Donetsk airport means to surrender Pisky, Karlivka and lose Donetsk Reservoir

Eugene Lata, rufer from Odessa, said at a briefing about his volunteer trip with extremal Mustang Wanted in Donetsk airport. The last years I spent in London, and when war broke out in Ukraine, I returned home and became a volunteer. If you cannot serve – help the Army, I think so. Besides that, I […]

Odessa defenders of Ukraine in Donbas need collimators and night vision devices

  Odessa, 23 October 2014 Natalia Kruchinina, a representative of the Odessa Center of patriotic forces, said at a briefing on what is now actively raising support for the guys, which will change all known “cyborgs” in the Donetsk airport. We need to collect a lot: it’s not just winter clothes and shoes. They really […]