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A modern teacher should be in the network with students and colleagues

  Odesa, March 6, 2015 – Vira Taran, biology teacher, head teacher of school № 8, Odesa, said at a briefing on the development of the creative initiative of students and how to do so that school in Ukraine ceased to be a “soviet”.   Now is dominated class-task system, which is 300 years. Teacher […]

Independent Testing in 2015 will be different from last year

  Odessa, February 18, 2015 – Marina Malik, Deputy Director of the Department of Education and Science of the State Administration, Anatoliy Anisimov, director of the Odessa Regional Center for Educational Quality Assessment held a briefing on “Features of the external evaluation in 2015″.   Marina Malik said that external independent testing takes place annually […]

In Odessa are looking for causes and ways of fighting with corruption in universities

Odessa, December 19, 2014 – In OCMC held a round table on the topic: “The quality of education and corruption in higher education institutions: mechanisms of control”. participants: Mikhail Meyzersky, journalist, member of the initiative group of students and graduates of journalism faculty of ONU; Mikhail Borisov, teacher of ONU (IMEM); Lydia Kovalchuk, director of […]

The inhabitant of Odessa initiates reform of the school system

  Dmitry Zhdanov, the head of a section – Methodist of Odessa center of youth creativity “Eureka”, and the coordinator of the public initiative «ODESSA INCOGNITA» said at a briefing on its proposals to reform the education system in the country. Specialist working in the education system for 14 years and says that it is sufficient, […]

“Falcon-Jura”: an interesting game and a school of patriotism

  Odessa, October 16, 2014 – Tatiana Kozlanyuk told at the briefing that the system of patriotic education was always necessary. Actually it is up and running, it is carried out in every educational institution. But children cannot always be interested in talking about the history and dignity of the people. The best way to […]


Teachers, spreading lies about Ukraine will be dismissed

  Odessa, October 10, 2014 Tatyana Lazareva, the director of the Department of Education and Science of the Odessa Regional State Administration, said at a briefing on how, and for what article was dismissed teacher of school No40, who said separatist statements. Also, the official shared her vision of what should be the future Ukrainian teacher. The […]