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Bodybuilding Federation and “Spіlna Meta” are raising funds to help the wounded soldier

Maxim Maksimenko, Igor Torban Igor Torban, president of the Federation of Bodybuilding in Odesa region and Maxim Maksimenko, activist of volunteer movement “Spіlna Meta”, told at a briefing about how Odesa bodybuilders and volunteers banded together to help the wounded in the area of ATO Odesa resident. Igor Torban told that their Federation was organized […]

Most of wounds are shrapnel, and not bullet as it used to be

Vladimir Maydanyuk and Oksana Kalchuk   Odessa, March 2, 2015 – Vladimir Maydanyuk, Medical Colonel, head of the Odessa Military Hospital and Oksana Kalchuk, Lieutenant Colonel of the Medical Service, head of the Odessa Clinical Hospital of the State Border Service of Ukraine held a briefing on the topic “The situation with the treatment of […]

Odessa musicians do not want alien army in the city, so they help our

  Vadim Kazakov, the leader of the band «Cheshires», said at a briefing that on February 23 they will present their new video. Presentation will be held at the club Blues B.R.Others.   Until 2009, the band was called “Cheshire Cat”, and then was renamed in «Cheshires». The band released 2 albums and one acoustic, […]

Volunteers will trace the fate of each ATO fighter, who was treated in Odessa hospital, to help them return to civilian life

Odessa, February 19, 2015 – Irina Pototskaya, the volunteer coordinator of the NGO “Odessa Merciful” said at a briefing on the situation in the military hospital.   Today in the Odessa military hospital undergoing treatment 217 ATO fighters, border guards at the Hospital – 1 person. In a heavy state is one fighter, he is […]

In Odessa Medical University was developed a new doctrine to assist the wounded

  Valery Zaporozhan, Rector of Odessa Medical University, academician, said at a briefing about the training of military doctors on the basis of university clinics.   The situation in military hospitals Odessa Medical University employees know firsthand. Now doctors are taking all measures to bring the help for the wounded to advanced level.   In […]

January 22 inhabitants of Odessa on the Potemkin stairs will celebrate the Day of Unification of Ukraine

  Natalia Mikhailenko, social activist, told at a briefing about how Odessa will celebrate the Day of Unification of Ukraine tomorrow.   Today is a special day. January 21, 1990 people joined a human chain Lviv and Kiev. This shows how important the unity for the people. Only now, after Maidan people began to understand […]

Odessa citizens massively help the wounded cyborgs

Volunteers Alla Russ and Oksana Gutsalenko   Alla Russ, volunteer, which helps the wounded in the Odessa Military Hospital, told about the health of men, delivered yesterday in Odessa by air ambulance flight.   Yesterday, the news reported that Odessa took aboard aircraft with the wounded. It’s true. Total came 29 fighters, including 26 people […]

How a member of ATO can get a status of combatant

Vladislav Museyko, deputy military commissar of Odessa region, said at a briefing on how the military from the zone of ATO is given the status of combatants and what compensation and pension benefits they are entitled to. August 20, 2014 Decree №413 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the procedure for granting the […]

In Odessa, will be a single hotline for assistance to refugees, the wounded and the Army

Odessa, 28 November 2014 Irina Pototskaya, a spokesman of the volunteer organization “Odessa merciful” said at a press briefing that the next week in Odessa opens hotline for volunteer assistance to the wounded soldiers of ATO, Army, internally displaced persons. The organizers invite all interested volunteers to join them. Hotline opened under the auspices of […]