Архивы по тегам: help the Army

Odessa citizens are invited to Charity Fair at Duke

Anastasia Bazei and Alexander Kardasheva, volunteers, told at a briefing about Sunday Charity Fair near Duke to help soldiers of ATO. The fair is held every Sunday in Odessa on the Primorsky boulevard near the monument to the Duke de Richelieu (Duke). Volunteers started the initiative last month. The first events were held together with […]

Volunteers said that the leadership of the 28th Mechanized Brigade of the demolishes the unit and humiliates soldiers

Iryna Vykhrystyuk, activist, volunteer, environmentalist, mother of fighter in ATO, said at a briefing on the situation in the 28th mechanized brigade of Odessa. The media now got a lot of information about that in the 28th Brigade takes a lot of unpleasant things. In this regard, the brigade has been audited by the General […]

To make the headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy stay in Odessa – the number one task for the city

Odessa, December 11, 2014 – Antonia Selina, volunteer, helping the Naval Forces of Ukraine, said at a briefing on how is repairing the ship “Pochaiv “and the problem of transferring the Fleet headquarters to another city. Until the end of this week to “Pochaiv” will deliver all the materials, needed to repair the orlops. This […]

“Volunteers’ hundred” continue to help the Army despite the attack

Dahlia Severin (second from left), Alexander Bornyakov (second from right) and members of the “Volunteers’ hundred” Odessa, December 10, 2014 Dahlia Severin, leader of the “Volunteers’ hundred of Dahlia Severin”, said at a briefing on the terrorist attack at the Center for volunteer help. Dahlia Severin thanked all those who support their organization. According to […]

If the Navy transfers from Odessa – it will be a betrayal against the Mariners

  Odessa, December 8, 2014 Elena Solonina, Alexander Syvak, members of the working group of the Committee on Reconstruction and Development of the Navy under “Gromadska spіlka” Association of volunteers of Ukraine”, told at a briefing on the need to protect the Navy and sailors from the possible transfer and reduction.   The reason for […]

In Odessa, will be a single hotline for assistance to refugees, the wounded and the Army

Odessa, 28 November 2014 Irina Pototskaya, a spokesman of the volunteer organization “Odessa merciful” said at a press briefing that the next week in Odessa opens hotline for volunteer assistance to the wounded soldiers of ATO, Army, internally displaced persons. The organizers invite all interested volunteers to join them. Hotline opened under the auspices of […]

Odessa volunteer is suspected of embezzling funds for ATO

Odessa, November 28, 2014 Volunteers Tatiana Mumladze and Alina Podolyanka told at a briefing that Igor Gandzhumyants, who heads the volunteer center in Odessa, Gymnazicheskaya St., 3 turned out to be a swindler who appropriates money and other valuables that people donate to help the Army, defending the independence of Ukraine in Donbas. Tatiana Mumladze […]



Georgian diaspora will hold the fair to help children of military from ATO

Shorena Gegeshidze, the head of the Georgian cultural-educational center “Iberia” and Akakiy Yakobishvili, the chairman of the Georgian cultural-national society “Sakartvelo” told at a briefing on the project “Druzі nazavzhdi” (“Friends Forever”). Georgian diaspora in Odessa organizes a charity concert and the fair to help the children of deceased servicemen and children of military from […]

Odessa rufer-volunteer: to surrender Donetsk airport means to surrender Pisky, Karlivka and lose Donetsk Reservoir

Eugene Lata, rufer from Odessa, said at a briefing about his volunteer trip with extremal Mustang Wanted in Donetsk airport. The last years I spent in London, and when war broke out in Ukraine, I returned home and became a volunteer. If you cannot serve – help the Army, I think so. Besides that, I […]

Odessa volunteers organized their own production of underwear for the Army

Odessa, November 13, 2014 Irina Orzhinskaya, a volunteer from Center of patriotic forces, said at a briefing on how simple Odessites help Ukrainian military in the zone of ATO. On knowing about us on TV, there has been coming a stream of people. People bring cigarettes, warm clothes. Constantly need pants, shirts, socks – these […]