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Help for veterans. What payment will receive participants of World War II and ATO

Odesa, April 30, 2015 – Olena Filipova, Head of Personalized Accounting and Benefits Department of Social Welfare of RSA, said at a briefing on social protection of veterans of the Second World War and the participants of ATO.   According to the laws of Ukraine on the status of war veterans and guarantees of their […]

People with disabilities are looking for ways to force the authorities to carry out their duties

Timur Latypov, Oleg Dryuma, Oleg Prokhorov   Odesa, March 26, 2015 – Oleg Dryuma, “European Association for the rights of persons with disabilities”; Oleg Prokhorov, the organization of persons with disabilities “Odessa-Basket”; Timur Latypov, “Association of Blind Lawyers” told at a briefing on the urgent convocation of a forum of organizations of persons with disabilities […]

How UGCC helps military, wounded, refugees and sick

father Nikolai Slobodyan (center) and father Vasily Kolodchy (far left) Father Nikolai Slobodyan, Chancellor Exarchate of Odessa Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, said at a briefing that the UGCC priests present in the East at the forefront as chaplains. They are among the soldiers who need support from internal and external pressure, support them. Our chaplains […]

Odessa citizens are invited to Charity Fair at Duke

Anastasia Bazei and Alexander Kardasheva, volunteers, told at a briefing about Sunday Charity Fair near Duke to help soldiers of ATO. The fair is held every Sunday in Odessa on the Primorsky boulevard near the monument to the Duke de Richelieu (Duke). Volunteers started the initiative last month. The first events were held together with […]

“Rescue together” – Odessa citizens are asked to help the settlers

Oleg Dryuma, the president of the UCO “European Association for the rights of persons with disabilities”, said at a briefing that in the Odessa region are living people with disabilities, which left theATO zone. Thete are 440 people, plus their families. In the near future,from Lugansk region, will be delivered to about 100 people. This […]