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Information is merged, or how to fight with Russia on the Internet

Odessa, February 26, 2015 – Alexander Kovalenko “Zloy Odessit”, blogger, told at a briefing about the new Ministry of Information on the organization of information resistance to Kremlin propaganda.   In the past year, our country has shown complete failure to counter the Kremlin’s propaganda. Given that there were all of the resources. Last summer […]

Kremlin bots: how the Putin army works on the Internet

Alexei Zheleznov, Israeli blogger, told at a briefing on the scheme of “Kremlin bots”, people who write false comments on various Internet resources and lead the fake blogs for salary.   Alexei Zheleznov himself started blogging 5-6 years ago. His blog in “Live Journal” is 2 years. It was originally conceived as a photoblog of […]

Russian propaganda has changed tactics in the information war

  Margo Gontar Odessa, February 18, 2015 – Margo Gontar, editor and co-founder of the project StopFake told at a briefing about the methods used by the Russian propaganda this year, before and after the “truce”. We are now seeing some turn in strategy of Russian propagandists – they began to use more manipulative techniques […]

How adequately confront the false propaganda of Moscow in social networks

Alexander “Zloy Odessit”, blogger, said at a briefing about the features of the information war in the Internet space.   When last year was created a blog “Zloy Odessit”, it was not aimed at Odessa, not even on the Ukrainian audience, and the adjacent “highly spiritual”, “brotherly” state. Against the background of the events of […]

Opinion: Why Donetsk accepted the idea of separatism

Igor Jeremichev, refugee from Donetsk, social activist, musician told at a briefing about what happened with the population of Donbas that they suddenly wanted to Russia. According to Igor Eremichev, Donetsk people have always been aimed at to work. Once a year, was a vacation to relax, rest of the time they worked. When a […]


Scientists and politicians of Netherlands are supporting Ukraine

Odessa, November 24, 2014 Grigory Pasternak, journalist, social activist, Olga Sterenshis, social activist, told how Ukrainian diaspora in Netherlands is struggling with the Russian propaganda. Olga Sterenshis told that their social organization is funded by a grant from the European Union. At the center platform show documentaries and historical films about the countries of the […]

Mediaexpert Zoe Kazanzhi told how to make media independent, and why do we need it

Zoe Kazanzhi, media expert, adviser to the head of the Odessa Regional State Administration, said at a briefing on the outcome of the second Lviv Media Forum. Media forum – this is not a place where clearly define where the media should go next. But this is an opportunity to talk and exchange views with […]

Putin would not capture Donbas and Crimea without his media

Zinovy Medyuh, the representative “Nіchna Varta” of Maidan, I Battalion of National Guard, 12th hundreds of Maidan Self-Defense, said at a briefing about the enormous role of information in modern “hybrid wars”. We thought we got independence easily, but it turned out that it is not. We have become a nation that cannot kill. We […]

Zenyk from Maidan, “We have enough gunmen, but soldiers with guitars are not so many”

Zinovy Medyuh, the representative “Nіchna Varta” of Maidan, I Battalion of National Guard, 12th hundreds of Maidan Self-Defense, said at a briefing on the importance of the ideological and propaganda work among the population in the area of ​​ATO. In Ukraine Zinovy Medyuh is known as Zenyk from Maidan. November 26 he left home for […]


Refugee from Russia spoke about the persecution of dissidents

  Odessa, 20 November 2014 Peter Lubchenkov, the Russian opposition, the organizer of the march “For the federalization of Kuban”, said at a press briefing that he is a political refugee from Russia. Now the Ukrainian authorities are considering his application for political asylum. According to the activist, now in Russia is banned every protest […]