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Instead of subsidies, the government should promote a program of modernization of residential buildings

Odesa, April 1, 2015 – Yevgeniy Malnev, chairman of the Association “Odesa Housing Alliance”, gave a briefing on the topic: “Energy efficiency in housing stock: ideas and new concepts. How it can be applied in reality”.   When began an undeclared war between Russia and Ukraine, in the city were pro-Russian citizens, we, for our […]

Radical insulation of apartment buildings. Latvian experience

Odessa, February 27, 2015 – Juris Vidzis, General Director of the Department of Real Property, Jelgava (Latvia), said at a briefing on Latvia’s experience in the organization of the complex modernization of residential buildings.   Juris Vidzis said that after the privatization of houses and flats people become responsible for their property. To maintain it, […]

What does the insulation of high-rise buildings can give and how much does it cost

Odessa, December 24, 2014 – Svetlana Slesarenok, head of public organization “Mama-86-Odessa”, said at a briefing on the experience of warming multistory building in Odessa, how achieved savings, and how to attract funding for this. Public organization “Mama-86″ was created by women of Luzanovka. The goal was – to fight against environmental pollution of the […]