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The quality of forensic medical expertise is low, that charges on the event of May 2 can fall apart

Vladimir Sarkisyan, an expert-toxicologist of expert-journalistic investigation team of event on May 2 told at a briefing about the extremely poor performance of forensic and other experts during the investigation. According to the expert, he carefully studied the five forensic examinations on the basis of which concluded that their results cannot be evidence for the […]

Odessa courts are not technically capable of conducting the trial of May 2

Odessa, December 1, 2014 Sergey Dibrov, expert from group to investigate the events of May 2, said at a briefing that the first court hearing in the case took place last week. Named 114 suspects, and it casts doubt on the fact in further possibilities of the process due to technical difficulties. At the first […]

Pastor Andrey Hamburg: “A person is much broader than his political opinion”

Andrey Hamburg, pastor of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ukraine, the head of the Ukrainian group “Reconciliation”, said at a briefing on the ecclesiastical efforts towards reconciliation in Odessa. The theme of reconciliation is very difficult. In light of the events of May 2 this overworks. With something like that the city had not […]


In Odessa will be shown films about Maidan, the Pirates and the nuclear disaster

  Anatoly Boiko, the head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine in Odessa region, said at a press briefing held in Odessa on the documentary film festival dedicated to human rights issues. November 10, Monday, with showing of the film “Maidan. Rough cut” in Odessa region was opened 11th traveling festival of documentary films […]

German conflictologists help to reconcile “Maidan” and “Antimaidan” inhabitants of Odessa

Odessa, October 12, 2014 Christophe Lutmann, Julia Krikorian (Berlin Center for Integrative Mediation), Anne Isabel Kraus, the director of the Center for Peacekeeping Mediation told at a briefing about the need of dialogue as a necessary mean to stop and prevent violence between rival groups. Conflictologists came from Germany and represent different organizations. According to […]

Putin would not capture Donbas and Crimea without his media

Zinovy Medyuh, the representative “Nіchna Varta” of Maidan, I Battalion of National Guard, 12th hundreds of Maidan Self-Defense, said at a briefing about the enormous role of information in modern “hybrid wars”. We thought we got independence easily, but it turned out that it is not. We have become a nation that cannot kill. We […]

Zenyk from Maidan, “We have enough gunmen, but soldiers with guitars are not so many”

Zinovy Medyuh, the representative “Nіchna Varta” of Maidan, I Battalion of National Guard, 12th hundreds of Maidan Self-Defense, said at a briefing on the importance of the ideological and propaganda work among the population in the area of ​​ATO. In Ukraine Zinovy Medyuh is known as Zenyk from Maidan. November 26 he left home for […]


Activists of Maidan discussed in Odessa, where to send the prize named after Lech Walesa

In Odessa Crisis Media Center the association “Maidan Press” held a roundtable for activists of Odessa Euromaidan on where to send the Lech Walesa prize of 100 thousand US dollars. “Euromaidan”, as a public association received the award on September 29. The participants decided to hold a civil discussion. To understand how to build a […]

Odessa Self-Defense prepares the defenders of the city, looking for saboteurs and protects the weak

  Vitaly Ustimenko, a member of the Self-Defense of Odessa, said at a briefing on what is now engaged in Odessa Self Defense and about the Training Camp “Patriot”. From the outset, Self-defense of Odessa, when it was created in February 2014, was to ensure the protection and safety of events that took place while […]


In Odessa begins lustration

  Odessa, 17 October 2014 Lustration committee member in the Odessa region told a briefing that has already published a law on lustration and we have its first results.A large number of officials in the higher echelons of power have left of their own accord. 20 people were dismissed under the law on lustration. These […]