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Military trainer Sarmatian: “Old people are screaming that they want to die in Russia and our young guys, because of that, die from Russian weapons”

Sarmatian, a military instructor of Odessa Self Defense camp “Patriot”, spoke at a press briefing why the inhabitants of Odessa must learn military skills. We live in the 21st century in a civilized society, but as it turned out, even now men should be able to protect their land, women, children and the elderly. It […]

Odessa citizens learn to fight and defend their city in camp “Patriot”

Sarmatian, a military instructor, said at a briefing on the peculiarities of military-patriotic training camp “Patriot”. How relevant now, such training can be judged by the fact that the mill is actually located in a semi-military position. Therefore, there is sufficient number of citizens of Odessa, wanting to experience the warfare and feel what high […]