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Deputy Military Commissioner told who will be mobilized and what wait for evaders

Odessa, February 12, 2015 – Vladislav Museyko, Deputy Military Commissar of Odessa region said at the briefing about the mobilization in Odessa region.   All arrangements for partial mobilization in Odessa region are according to plan. Reservists called up for military service and sent to training units to pass additional training.   First of all, […]

What will happen to mobilized Ukrainians in the Army

  Odessa, January 29, 2015 – Alexei Chorny, mobilized soldier from the State Border Service of Ukraine, told what waiting for soldiers in the Army after they receive a summons.   Alexei was mobilized on September 1, 2014. Then, he said, in his head was the same, as is going on in the heads of […]

Mobilization is legitimate and without it we cannot defend the country

  Yury Dobrov, head of the legal department of the Southern Territorial Defense Ministry of Ukraine, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice, said at a briefing on legal issues related to the mobilization. Now you can often hear that if there is no state of war, the mobilization is illegal. That’s not true. The Constitution and the […]

To the Army will be mobilized 4 thousand people from Odessa region

Oleg Obukhov, assistant of regional commissar for legal work, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice, said at a briefing on how will pass a new wave of mobilization in the Odessa region.   From January 20 began a partial mobilization in Ukraine, including in the Odessa region. It will last for 210 days. Also in the country […]

September 6 ended the third wave of mobilization

Sergey Opityuk, the deputy chief of training and mobilization of the Odessa Regional Commissioner said at a briefing that on September 6 ended the third stage of mobilization. According to the presidential decree on partial mobilization, to March 21, 2014, we had 3 stage of mobilization. In Odessa region during the 1st stage were staffed […]

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