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Little “UkrOP”s and Kivalov. Mark Gordienko told about the summer patriotic camp for teenagers and struggle with Kivalov

Odesa, May 5, 2015 – Mark Gordienko, chairman of “Rada Gromadskoi Bezpeky”, said at a briefing about the military-patriotic summer courses for teens in the camp “UkrOP”.   In anticipation of the summer holiday camp “UkrOP” started a pilot project to work with high school kids. It has already been trained the first group. Teens […]

Listen to modern Ukrainian music world-class festival “Probudzhennya”

Olexandr Khodosevich, Olexandr Proletarsky, Olexandr Kapuka   Odesa, April 30, 2015 – In OCMC was held a briefing on the subject: “Ukrainian Festival of New Music” Probudzhennya “.   Briefing was conducted by Olexandr Kapuka, idea, organizer of the festival, Olexandr Khodosevich, selection of participants, co-organizer of the festival, Olexandr Proletarsky, idea, journalist.   Olexandr […]

“Domestic separatism”. In Odesa differently estimate effectiveness of the campaign against separatist sentiment

  April 30, 2015 in OCMC was held a briefing of Oksana Dolgopolova, Ph.D., professor of ONU named after Mechnikov and Volodymyr Nemertsalov, Ph.D., associate professor of ONU n.a. Mechnikov, who are parties to a comprehensive scientific program “The phenomenon of totalitarianism, its manifestations and the ways to overcome”. The theme of the briefing was […]

Serhiy Batrakov: “Most of the attacks in Odesa have been investigated. Provocations on May 2, we will not allow”

  Odesa, April 29, 2015 – Serhiy Batrakov, Head of Security Service of Ukraine in the Odesa region, reported that to date remained unsolved explosions of 5 facts of undermining, disclosed 9 bombings over the past year and 7 for 2015. In those cases were detained 31 people. Terrorist financing comes from the Russian Federation, […]

Igor Palytsya: “The response to provocations will be very tight. Odesa wants peace”

Odesa, April 29, 2015 – Chairman of the Odesa Regional State Administration Igor Palytsya told at a briefing what will be on May 2 in Odesa and what security measures taken by the authorities to avoid casualties and collisions.   Igor Palytsya said that on May 2 by the city authorities announced a day of […]

Ivan Katerynchuk: “For wearing masks and St. George ribbons on May 2, Police will detain. It is likened to a provocation”

  Odesa, April 29, 2015 – The head of the regional department of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry reported that in the Kulikovo Field on 2 of May will be a memorial service. This means that there will be no protesters in masks. Such people we will detain. Attitude towards “St. George ribbon” will be the […]

Rest with use. Odesa activists organize hikes for children

  Odesa, April 29, 2015 – Dmytro Zhdanov, teacher, trainer of Odesa Center of Youth Creativity “Eureka”, the coordinator of the public initiative «Odessa Incognita».   Topic: “What to do with our children during the long May Day”   Dmytro Zhdanov said that the problem of employment for children on long holidays in May actually […]

Marine trams. In Odesa will be revived the water transportation

  Arnold Nyrko, Igor Karpenko   Odesa, April 28, 2015 – Igor Karpenko, a representative of the NGO “Stapel” Arnold Nyrko, representative of the “Ukrainian Association of Sea Protection”, held a briefing on the topic: “Rehabilitation Project of Maritime tram within Big Odesa”.   Arnold Nyrko said that “Ukrainian Association of Sea Protection” asked the […]

Discard stamps. Young people found a way to overcome stereotypes of Ukrainians about each other

  Odesa, April 28, 2015 – Olexandr Ryazantsev, Olena Turchynyuk, Maria Chepulskaya, Myhailo Kovalchuk, Mykola Demchuk, representatives of the NGO “Youth Alternative” held a briefing on “Overcoming of stereotypes and conflicts among youth in different regions of Ukraine. How do we establish a dialogue between young people and why it is important”.   Olexandr Ryazantsev […]

Be smart! In Odesa works free project of management training and personal growth

  Odesa, April 28, 2015 – Tetyana Bezverhnyuk, PhD, Professor, Head of Project Management Chair of Odesa Regional Institute of Public Administration, held a briefing on “Best practices for the effective management of the new elite managers in the framework of the project Odesa SMART-Forum”.   Tetyana Bezverhnyuk told that “Best practices for effective management […]