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Political scientist: October 27, we woke up in another country. This is akin to the collapse of the USSR

  Gennady Chizhov, a political analyst, said at a briefing on the preliminary results of elections of deputies to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In parliament, according to exit polls, there are 7 political forces: Bloc Poroshenko (23.1%), Narodnyi Front (21.2%), association “Samopomich” (13.4%), Opposition bloc (7.6 %), Radical Party (6.4%), association “Svoboda” (6.3%), Batkivschyna […]


Ukraine is doomed to reforms

  Sergey Jakubowski, PhD, Head of the Department of International Economic Relations of ONU, held political and economic analysis of the reform program of President Poroshenko at a briefing. Yesterday Odessa once again saw the president and heard directly from him about the planned reforms. Reform strategy in the long-term program was first approved by […]

Parties lead corrupters to the Parliament and hide the sources of income

  Odessa, 24 October 2014 Kirill Filimonov, regional representative of the public movement “Honestly,” said at a briefing on the results of the analysis of candidates, which activists of ​​”Honestly” made. Movement “Honestly” appeared in 2011, before the parliamentary elections, which were held in that year. Goal of the movement was to make the choices […]


Because of the tricky candidates for deputy district electoral commissions cannot get started

  Odessa, October 14, 2014 Anatoly Boiko, the head of the Odessa regional organization “Committee of Voters of Ukraine”, said at a briefing on the problems that arise in Odessa region and in the preparation for the elections to the Verkhovna Rada. October 10-11, completed the formation of precinct election commissions. Not without scandals. In […]

Clones, technical candidates, and other horrors of elections to the Parliament

  Odessa – 10 October 2014 Anatoly Boyko, the chairman of the Odessa branch of the Voters Committee of Ukraine, said at a briefing on what difficulties might expect voters, and how forced migrants from the Crimea and eastern Ukraine will vote. Importantly, according to Anatoly Boiko, what should be done now by voters who do […]