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Russian media are coming up with news about Odesa, unable to destabilize the situation in the city

  Odesa, April 9, 2015 – Artem Filipenko, political expert, said at a briefing causes of activation of separatist sentiment in Odesa region, who is behind it and who needs it.   April 6 was announced the establishment of “Narodna Rada of Bessarabia”. Before this were staged and posed simulating acts of civil protest. It […]

The struggle for Langeron is continuing and may go global

Odessa, December 26, 2014 – Representatives of the social movement “Civil protest” Yuri Nikitin, Sergei Sarafanyuk, Leonid Shtekel told at a briefing on the situation with the fight against the illegal construction on the beach “Langeron”. Yuri Nikitin said activists were surprised by the position of power over the illegal construction on the Langeron. The […]

“Titushka” with a gun was a former civil servant

Alla Marchenko, a spokesman for Research Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region said at a briefing on the detention of a man with a gun during an action at the beach Langeron. According to unconfirmed information, it was a guard of the dolphinarium “Nemo”, who had previously been civil servant. Then he got a permit […]


Odessa citizens require to punish participants of Euromaidan crackdown

Vitaly Ustimenko, social activist and member of the Self-Defense of Odessa, said at a briefing on the all-Ukrainian action “Unpunished evil grows”, which will be held in memory of the beginning of the Dignity Revolution on November 30. His speech activist began with the story, from which it becomes clear essence of the action and […]

Police have their own opinion: the protesters were not beaten, and construction cordoned off because of a bomb

Alla Marchenko, a spokesman for Research Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region said at a briefing on the current situation in Odessa and Odessa region. The most intense events, according to Alla Marchenko, became over the weekend. On Saturday was another false mining. At this time, the “victim” was the hotel dolphinarium “Nemo”. Were evacuated […]


Odessa Police showed its worst side, dispersed Euromaidan people

Andrei Pavlenko, social activist, said at a briefing about what happened on Saturday, November 22, 2014 at the building of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on the Jewish street. On Saturday, November 22, the event was held in honor of the anniversary of Euromaidan. The activists wanted to put up a tent […]

Only the residents of Odessa with active actions can stop the looting of the coast

Gleb Zhavoronkov, civic activist, and member of the Self-Defense of Odessa, said at a briefing on the role of civil society organizations in the decision of the city administration and what showed the Health Track events on Saturday. The situation in the city is next – there are business structures and the so-called “authority” that […]


Sidewalks, crowded with cars, which cannot pass the elderly and mothers with prams – an indicator of the state of our society

Odessa, November 18, 2014 – Yuri Prazdnikov, leader of the public movement “VeloOdessa”, one of the organizers of the bike ride “Critical mass”, said at a briefing on how Odessa bicycle community perceives the ‘reconstruction’ of Health Track and construction of parking on the beach Langeron. Critical Mass – is a protest cycling movement that […]

One hundred thousand of Muscovites supported Ukraine

Olga Kurnosova, Russian politician, the head of the United Civil Front in St. Petersburg, the organizer of the “March of Dissent”, a deputy of the National Assembly of the Russian Federation, said at a press briefing about Peace March, which was held on September 21 in Moscow. She said that, in spite of what is […]