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Police are scared to report about investigation of events on February 19, 2014

Lydia Kovalchuk and Mikhail Golubev (in the center)   Odessa, February 19, 2015 – Lydia Kovalchuk, the coordinator of the public initiative “Group of February 19″ summed up at a briefing the year investigation of the events on February 19, 2014 near the building of the Odessa Regional State Administration.   Lydia Kovalchuk said that […]

Commission of Inquiry into the crackdown of Euromaidan tent city presented the results of their work

Alla Marchenko, Anatoly Boiko, Vladislav Serdyuk, Kirill Filimonov   Odessa, February 2, 2015 – Vladislav Serdyuk, Anatoly Boiko, Kirill Filimonov, members of the social group to investigate the crackdown of the tent city of Odessa Euromaidan, Alla Marchenko, a spokesman for Research Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region held a briefing on the topic: “The […]