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Confrontation of Maidan and Not Maidan need to be withdrawn from squares to places where people could agree

Odessa, December 9, 2014 Oksana Bolotova, psychologist, trainer of NLP, Inna Tereschenko, the mediator, conflict management, spoke at a briefing on the escalation of conflict between the Maidan and Antimaidan. Oksana Bolotova expressed psychoanalytic position, on the basis of which the representatives of the Maidan and Antimaidan gather in one place, at the same time, […]


Pastor Andrey Hamburg: “A person is much broader than his political opinion”

Andrey Hamburg, pastor of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ukraine, the head of the Ukrainian group “Reconciliation”, said at a briefing on the ecclesiastical efforts towards reconciliation in Odessa. The theme of reconciliation is very difficult. In light of the events of May 2 this overworks. With something like that the city had not […]

The psychologist told how to not allow politicians manipulate your consciousness

  Oksana Bolotova, psychologist, trainer of NLP, said at a briefing how the inhabitants of Odessa should behave not to succumb to provocations of various political forces to heighten the conflict in Odessa, and what may be way out of some situations. Psychologists believe that in the political struggle, in the conflict, in which we […]

Only together Ukrainians will not let “Donbass” spread over the country

September 12, 2014 IOnly together Ukrainians will not let “Donbass” to spread over the country Odesa, Odessa, dialogue, Igor Semivolos, Irina Brunova-Kalisetskaya,peace boat,reconciliation September 12, 2014 Irina Brunova-Kalisetskaya, a researcher at the Institute of Social and Political Psychology of NAPS of Ukraine and Igor Semivolos, the director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, told […]

Dialogue will save the life of Ukrainians

September 12, 2014     The actions of the authorities and the residents of the city in case of gunfire Sergey Barontsov, the acting Head of the Department of Emergency of Odessa Regional State Administration said at a briefing on the state of the air-raid shelters in the Odessa region and what to do if […]