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Cashless payment for parking will bring millions to budget

Odessa, January 30, 2015 – Igor Shapataev, creator of the project of interactive parking Tap4parking presented at a briefing “Parking conception of Ukraine”.   The first thing to do with parking – completely remove the cash for parking. Now money disappears somewhere and parking themselves, usually, in terrible condition and do not develop. It is […]

To fight the corruption in the Police, its local leader should be chosen by the citizens

  Odessa, January 13, 2014 – Vladimir Kutsenko, a retired Police colonel, social activist, said at a briefing about the imperfection of the draft Police reform and the need to make the election of the head of Municipal Police.   Recently have been published a draft law on Police and policing. But in the form […]

What reforms are necessary for the survival of Ukraine

Odessa, December 17, 2014 – Sergey Jakubovsky, PhD, professor, teacher of Mechnikov ONU, said at a briefing on the current economic situation in Ukraine, the possible reform program and the impact of reforms on the exchange rate. The crisis escalates. Now for the story, for the future of the country, is currently the most important. […]

The inhabitant of Odessa initiates reform of the school system

  Dmitry Zhdanov, the head of a section – Methodist of Odessa center of youth creativity “Eureka”, and the coordinator of the public initiative «ODESSA INCOGNITA» said at a briefing on its proposals to reform the education system in the country. Specialist working in the education system for 14 years and says that it is sufficient, […]