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Nonpayment – the main problem of Ukrainian utilities

  Odesa, April 22, 2015 – Valery Shtefanets, a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing, managing a group of houses, Company of Co-owners of Apartment Building, said at a briefing on the problems of reforming housing and communal services and the operation of the Odesa experience with Company […]

What reforms promise us from July 1

  Odesa, April 7, 2015 – Serhiy Yakubovsky, PhD, professor of ONU named after Mechnikov, said at a briefing on the current situation in the country, the expected reforms and the situation with the national currency.   Over the past few weeks there have been significant events that will affect the life of Ukraine’s economy […]

Association of communities will allow Ukrainians receive from the State more services than now

  Odesa, March 23, 2015 – Andrii Hudik, a member of the expert group “Resuscitation reform package”, manager of information projects of reform of administrative-territorial and local governments in the “Civil society institutions”, said at a briefing what will be a union of administrative-territorial communities within the framework of the decentralization reform. Administrative-territorial structure of […]

Successes and failures of decentralization reforms in Ukraine

  Odesa, March 17, 2015 – Ivan Sikora, Director of Foundation “Open Society” held a briefing on the topic: “What kind of promise in the field of decentralization have forgotten the signatories of the coalition agreement?”.   Foundation “Open Society” the longest in Ukraine among analytical centers, monitors the promises of political forces. As a […]

A modern teacher should be in the network with students and colleagues

  Odesa, March 6, 2015 – Vira Taran, biology teacher, head teacher of school № 8, Odesa, said at a briefing on the development of the creative initiative of students and how to do so that school in Ukraine ceased to be a “soviet”.   Now is dominated class-task system, which is 300 years. Teacher […]

In 2015 Ukrainians will pay more taxes. But the government spared the oligarchs

    Odessa, January 5, 2015 – Inna Kravchuk, the head of the Business Council of Odessa, said at a briefing about tax reform in Ukraine and its relation to the country’s budget.   In Ukraine, the parliament adopted a budget for 2015. It would be impossible without the adoption of several laws, related to […]

Ukraine is doomed to reforms

  Sergey Jakubowski, PhD, Head of the Department of International Economic Relations of ONU, held political and economic analysis of the reform program of President Poroshenko at a briefing. Yesterday Odessa once again saw the president and heard directly from him about the planned reforms. Reform strategy in the long-term program was first approved by […]

In Odessa begins lustration

  Odessa, 17 October 2014 Lustration committee member in the Odessa region told a briefing that has already published a law on lustration and we have its first results.A large number of officials in the higher echelons of power have left of their own accord. 20 people were dismissed under the law on lustration. These […]