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One of the most effective projects to help migrants is celebrating 1 year

  Odesa, April 21, 2015 – Denys Serdichenko and Natalya Terekhova, representatives of the charity fund “Good Samaritan”, told at a briefing on the outcome of year of work with IDPs in a boarding house in the village Mayaky. According to Denys Serdichenko, a year ago it all started spontaneously, no one thought that everything […]

Ukrainian migration service snubs patriots and said that Russia is “a democratic state”

Sergey Anisiforov and Peter Lyubchenkov   Odesa, April 3, 2015 – Peter Lyubchenkov, Sergey Anisiforov, Russian citizens, active participants of Maidan and Self-Defense of Odesa held a briefing on the topic: “Why Ukrainian patriots still cannot become citizens of Ukraine”.   Sergey Anisiforov said that already a year Kherson Migration Service inhibits its documents to […]

Odesa region begins resettlement of internally displaced people

Odesa, April 3, 2015 – Andriy Yatselenko, Acting Head of the Department of Family and Youth of the Odesa Regional State Administration said at a briefing on the current situation with IDPs in Odesa region.   In Odesa region there are many IDPs, about twenty thousand people. Feature of them is in the fact that […]

Job fair for migrants will be held in Odesa on March 12

  Angelika Zhukova, Tetyana Kanava, Tetyana Zhyr   Angelika Zhukova, chairman of the Association of creative intelligentsia “Assembly”, Tetyana Kanava, head of the organization to promote employment of the Odesa Regional Employment Center, Tetyana Zhyr, Head of the organization providing services to employers Odesa Regional Employment Center, told at a briefing on regional job fair […]

In Odessa, spoke about the experience of resettlement and employment of refugees in Georgia, Moldova and Azerbaijan

Jacob Vityuk and Zhanna Zinovieva   Odessa, March 4, 2015 – Zhanna Zinovieva, head of the “Charity Foundation “Crimean refugees”, who studied international experience on housing for displaced people and Jacob Vityuk, a representative of the Charity Association “Information Center of Maidan” held a briefing on “Placing of people in transit camps in Ukraine”.   Zhanna […]

There are migrants, eager to work, but they are not given to

Victor Selishchev, head of the charity fund “АраттаКозацтвосьогодення”, said at a briefing about the problems with the resettlement of internally displaced persons in the districts of Odessa region.   Everyone knows about the problems of migrants from Donbas. People fled from the war and some of them decided not to return. Some have no place, […]

Settlers from “Good Samaritan” make repairs themselves and raise domestic animals

Petr Serdichenko and Igor Gogol   Odessa, February 11, 2015 – Petr Serdichenko, head of the charity organization “Good Samaritan” told at a briefing about how their fund solves the problem of settlement and employment of people from Donbas.   The Foundation operates more than 20 years, engaged in charity. Now the “Good Samaritan” there […]

Disabled refugees require from the authorities specific actions. Otherwise – the hunger strike

Anna Luneva, Yuri Kuntiy, Oleg Dryuma, Natalia Uvarova   Yuri Kuntiy, head of the regional headquarters on social security of citizens resettled from the area of ATO, said at a briefing that really were pressing issues, were demands from people living in sanatoriums in the Odessa region.   There were created a working group, which […]

Migration Service does not solve the problems of refugees, but provides them with new

  Odessa, January 21, 2015 – Sergey Sakharchuk, human rights activist from the Russian Federation, a refugee, said at a briefing on the issue of refugees in Ukraine and the legal status of foreigners seeking protection in Ukraine.   Sergey Sakharchuk is disabled and in Russia engaged in human rights protection the rights of people […]

To return peace to mind of the refugees – they need a fulcrum and understanding

Alexander Sagaidak   Alexander Sagaidak, a psychologist, said at a briefing about how to communicate the inhabitants of Odessa with settlers from the area of ATO, not to add to the split in society.   People who were in the combat zone experience a state of social anomie. This means that they had to face […]