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In Odesa there are no national or inter-religious conflicts. Foreign forces are trying to divide society

Odesa, March 19, 2015 – Olena Lisiyenko, dean of historical and philosophical branch of the South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after Ushynsky, Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor, Head of South Ukrainian Branch of the Sociological Association of Ukraine, Olexandr Dobroer, director of CO “European Institute of Social Communication”, theologian, sociologist of religion, held a […]

There is a unique Christian relic in Odessa

Father Ruslan Ostafiy, rector of the church of St. Apostle Andrew, told at a briefing that each Odessa inhabitant has a great chance to join the sanctuary, which is revered around the world by millions of people. These are the Blessed Virgin Mary’s belt, which she donated to St. Thomas, who did not manage to […]