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Honor your father. In memory of Mykolai Danilov – memories of daughter

Anna Danilova, daughter of Odesa human rights activist, poet and artist Mykolai Danilov, told at a briefing about her father, who died in March of this year. – The life of every person is unique, especially one who has seen this uniqueness in others – she said. – The face of a man with a […]

In Transnistria was detained opposition journalist on fabricated reason

  Nicholai, son of Sergey Ilchenko, who was detained by KGB of Transnistria, Artem Inozemtsev, social activist, Oleg Hvoshchevsky, chairman of the executive committee of the “Union of Transnistrians in Ukraine”, held a briefing on the topic: “For what was detained Sergey Ilchenko. What will happen to the detained journalists in Transnistria”.   Nikolai Ilchenko […]

A refugee from the Putin’s regime: In Russia there is no election

The story of tomorrow’s Russian marches is sufficiently provocative. Dyomushkin is one of the leaders of the national movement in Russia, is more sympathetic to the Ukrainians. But he was gone. The second leader arrested. Instead nationalists tomorrow in the street Tverskaya will be held a powerful pro-Putin march. Among its organizers – Elizaveta Glinka […]


Russian oppositionist: Putin’s main weapon – money

Olga Kurnosova The so-called elections that took place yesterday in the occupied territories in Donetsk and Lugansk regions, allowed once again see who shoots in these areas in civilians. On the day of the “election” peaceful residential neighborhoods are not fired. If it did “fascist junta”, as claimed by Russia and the rebels, Ukraine wouldn’t […]