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Odesa volunteers have provided fighters in Pisky with mobile phones

Vladislav Balinsky, a volunteer, who had just returned from a trip to ATO zone, spoke about how he installed equipment for the fighters for mobile communication.   The trip was planned, a long time preparing for it. The main task was – to provide a 5-assault company of VUC in Pisky with quality mobile connection. […]

Eyewitnesses reported that in the area of Pisky there has not been any truce

Alina Podolyanka, a volunteer, who had just returned from a trip to ATO, spoke about the situation there. According to volunteer, village Pisky now – the hot spot. The fact that we talk about a truce – it is not true. Our guys are being shelled from artillery and mortars on a daily basis, about […]

Public organizations have accused Police, SSU and the Prosecutor’s Office in “protection racket” of underground casino

Participants of the events of the night on March 5 in an illegal casino “Alabama” told at a briefing on what happened at the casino in Derybasivska Street.     Alla Marchenko, a spokesman for Odessa RDIA, said that the Police received information about the conflict in one of the institutions of the city between […]

Corrupt officials will continue to fall into the containers

  Odessa, 13 October 2014 Gennady Chizhov, a political expert, said at a briefing about whether the continuation of “junk lustration”, who commits it and for what reasons. According to the expert, ” junk lustration” in Odessa, burning tires in front of the Verkhovna Rada and the Presidential Administration in Kiev – all this is […]

Politicians were asked not to use radicals in the election campaign

Odessa, September 9, 2014 Alla Marchenko, a spokesman for Research Affairs in Odessa region, said at a briefing on the current situation in the city and region. There were no events that caused a great public outcry over the past week in Odessa and the region. Yet several events that caused a reaction in the […]