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A modern teacher should be in the network with students and colleagues

  Odesa, March 6, 2015 – Vira Taran, biology teacher, head teacher of school № 8, Odesa, said at a briefing on the development of the creative initiative of students and how to do so that school in Ukraine ceased to be a “soviet”.   Now is dominated class-task system, which is 300 years. Teacher […]

Independent Testing in 2015 will be different from last year

  Odessa, February 18, 2015 – Marina Malik, Deputy Director of the Department of Education and Science of the State Administration, Anatoliy Anisimov, director of the Odessa Regional Center for Educational Quality Assessment held a briefing on “Features of the external evaluation in 2015″.   Marina Malik said that external independent testing takes place annually […]

National defense is one of the most important subjects at school now

  Igor Shapkin, deputy director of the city Department of Education and Science, said at a briefing on how to bring up patriotism in Odessa schools now. To date, there is a state program to study the subject of “National defense”. The program is designed to study it throughout the school year 2 class hours […]

The inhabitant of Odessa initiates reform of the school system

  Dmitry Zhdanov, the head of a section – Methodist of Odessa center of youth creativity “Eureka”, and the coordinator of the public initiative «ODESSA INCOGNITA» said at a briefing on its proposals to reform the education system in the country. Specialist working in the education system for 14 years and says that it is sufficient, […]