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The main goal of Odessa Self-Defense – maintaining order and countering separatism

Odessa, January 23, 2015 – “Sarmat”, a member of Self-Defense, instructor of camp “Patriot”, said that the actions of Odessa Self-Defense are clearly organized and not chaotic. Everything happens according to plan and order. If someone leaves on business, it does not happen spontaneously. Especially no one started beating the journalist.   Yesterday, the court […]

Self-Defense of Odessa did not beat the reporter of “Timer”, but defended him

Odessa, January 23, 2015 – Vitaly Kozhukhar, coordinator of Odessa Self-Defense, said at a briefing about what occurred on January 22 near the building of Malinovsky District Court of Odessa and was called by some forces the beating of journalist.   Self-Defense of Odessa had information that will continue the trial on participants of Antimaidan […]

Self-Defense of Odessa is ready to replace the Police, while it is not reformed

Vitaly Volodya, a spokesman for the Self-Defense of Odessa, said at a briefing on the results of Self-Defense work in 2014 and plans for 2015.   Priorities of the organization in 2015, according to the activist, in comparison with the past year, will not change. Self-Defense will continue to help the inhabitants of Odessa in […]


It turned out that “Narodna varta” is a security firm

Odessa, November 18, 2014 Alla Marchenko, a spokesman for Research Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region said at a briefing on the current situation in Odessa and Odessa region. November 15 on the Health Track near the beach Langeron was a conflict between the public and certain patriotic organization “Narodna varta”. As a result one […]

Odessa citizens learn to fight and defend their city in camp “Patriot”

Sarmatian, a military instructor, said at a briefing on the peculiarities of military-patriotic training camp “Patriot”. How relevant now, such training can be judged by the fact that the mill is actually located in a semi-military position. Therefore, there is sufficient number of citizens of Odessa, wanting to experience the warfare and feel what high […]


Odessa Self-Defense prepares the defenders of the city, looking for saboteurs and protects the weak

  Vitaly Ustimenko, a member of the Self-Defense of Odessa, said at a briefing on what is now engaged in Odessa Self Defense and about the Training Camp “Patriot”. From the outset, Self-defense of Odessa, when it was created in February 2014, was to ensure the protection and safety of events that took place while […]

Corrupt officials will continue to fall into the containers

  Odessa, 13 October 2014 Gennady Chizhov, a political expert, said at a briefing about whether the continuation of “junk lustration”, who commits it and for what reasons. According to the expert, ” junk lustration” in Odessa, burning tires in front of the Verkhovna Rada and the Presidential Administration in Kiev – all this is […]

“Russian March” failed

  Odessa, 29 September 2014 Ksenia Sergeeva and Eugene Rezvushkin the participants of Automaydan, told a briefing that the Ukrainian patriots managed to disrupt the march for the “Russian World” on Saturday, which would be held in Odessa. The feature of the action of separatists this time was that the majority of people who came […]

The camp “Patriot” is training to defend Odessa

Vitaly Kozhukhar said at a briefing on the beginning of the mobilization camp, in which Odessa people can learn the basics of military affairs. On September 22, 2014 near Odessa began working the field of military training camp “Patriot”. Volunteers, who want to go training, can come to Kanatnaya St., 35, and sign up for […]