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From smoking in restaurants suffer their staff and nonsmoking visitors

February 6, 2015 – Sergey Goransky, narcologist from Regional Drug Dependency Clinic and Alexei Chorny, coordinator of the initiative “Odessa smoke-free” held a briefing on the topic: “Problems with smoking in Odessa public places”.   Because of the war, Cabinet, in order to reduce the pressure on the business, forbidden to carry out inspections of […]

Adolescent smoking leads to mental health problems, difficult pregnancy and childbirth

Olga Zamnyukova, the deputy chief physician at the medical unit of the KP “Odessa regional mental health center”, the Freelance Chief psychiatrist of Health Administration of Regional State Administration said at a briefing about what the problem of smoking is and how Odessa doctors are struggling with it. According to statistics in Ukraine smoke 40% […]