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Students-migrants told how they settled in Odesa

  Anatoly Ignatovich, Nikolai Buchko, Margaryta Ovsyannikova, Demyd Mayornikov, Olexandr Kramar   Odesa, March 20, 2015 – Nicholai Buchko, president of the National Student Union; Anatoly Ignatovich, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the National Student Union; Demyd Mayornikov, student-migrant, who moved from DSTU to Lviv, Olexandr Kramar, Chairman of the Kyiv Regional Student Rada […]

Odessa students won a grant to help the disabled

  Boris Chubin, an inventor, and a team of social WWP innovators, held a briefing on the topic: “How Ukrainian schoolchildren from Odessa for the first time received a grant of the International Fund for the development of a social project”.   Social WWP innovators team participated in the project “Territory Development” organized by the […]

In Odessa are looking for causes and ways of fighting with corruption in universities

Odessa, December 19, 2014 – In OCMC held a round table on the topic: “The quality of education and corruption in higher education institutions: mechanisms of control”. participants: Mikhail Meyzersky, journalist, member of the initiative group of students and graduates of journalism faculty of ONU; Mikhail Borisov, teacher of ONU (IMEM); Lydia Kovalchuk, director of […]

Students are not the victims, but the source of corruption in ONU

Vladislav Zimovets, a student of political science in ONU in the honor of Mechnikov, said at a briefing on the work of the students of ONU to prevent corruption relations at the university. One of the areas of student government – work against manifestations of corruption at the university. In Summer graduate of the University […]

Odessa students will help wounded soldier from ATO to restore vision

Aleksandr Dyachenko, Vice President for Academic and educational work of the Odessa State Academy of technical regulation and quality, said about charity marathon for peace and united Ukraine, which will be held by students in favor of the injured in the area of ATO. This year we are in a situation where as never increased […]