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Retired of Donbas are afraid of freezing pensions more than the Right Sector

Odessa, November 13, 2014 – Marina, a refugee from Gorlovka, said at a briefing that the now retired in Donbas afraid of freezing pension benefits more than the Right Sector. Before that, they went for it to the city, where the power remained with the Ukrainian government. But now, to receive pensions and other social […]

“DPR” shelling civilians and does not believe in its own future

Odessa, November 13, 2014 – Marina, a refugee from Gorlovka, said at a press briefing, who fires a peaceful towns in Donbas. Shooting in the city does not stop. On the day of Marina’s departure from Gorlovka, the school located near her home remained completely without glasses. “Grads” ride freely as milk tankers, can just […]

Religion in “DPR”: Ukrainian church had been shot, the Protestants are thrown into the cellars, in churches there is propaganda

Marina, a refugee from Gorlovka, told what religious life is now in Donbas. In the city Gorlovka there are many Orthodox churches, but they are all of the Moscow Patriarchate. There was only one Ukrainian, but it hit by a shell and was burned. But, in any case, this temple was not given to work, […]

In the “Home Guard of DPR” are only Caucasians, drug addicts and ex-convicts

Odessa, November 13, 2014 Marina, a refugee from Gorlovka, said at a press briefing who runs the city now. As for the so-called “Home Guard”, all local fled quickly from there. They went there for the money, but when they realized what is happening, they have gone. No forced conscription, but young people are quiet, […]

To avoid fire, to eat and do not get crazy – the main desires of people in Donbas

Odessa, November 13, 2014 Marina, a refugee from Gorlovka, said at a briefing that the state, when projectiles are flying on you, cannot be compared to anything else. People start new phobia, growing fear of silence. People walk the streets with guns, strange appearance, nationality and unclear objectives. People only talk about how to manage […]


Why Putin arranged the “elections” in the “LPR” and “DPR”, and how Ukrainians broke it off

Odessa, November 6, 2014 Elena Galkina, a Russian political scientist and historian, said at a briefing why were held “elections” in the LPR (Lugansk People’s Republic) and the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic). Regarding the so-called “elections” held “DPR” and “LPR”, the situation does not develop according to the plans, which Russia has developed a few […]

Chechen warriors help Ukraine to deal with Russian terrorists

  Isa Munaev, General and commander of International peacekeeping battalion named in the honor of Johar Dudayev, told at the briefing as Chechen people and international community help Ukraine to deal with the Russian terrorists. Amina Okueva, inhabitant of Odessa, said that when started the annexation of Crimea in March this year, the representatives of […]


Russian terrorists after the truce shot more than 60 civilians

  Andrew Miller, Colonel, Chief of Staff of the Odessa battalion of territorial defense “Storm”, said at a press briefing that some of their units involved in ATOin Lugansk region. He was there for 32 days. Odessa volunteers are serving in the area of ​​the settlements New Aidar, Lutugino, Starobilsk, Svatovo, Shchastya, Georgievka. Some of […]