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To make the headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy stay in Odessa – the number one task for the city

Odessa, December 11, 2014 – Antonia Selina, volunteer, helping the Naval Forces of Ukraine, said at a briefing on how is repairing the ship “Pochaiv “and the problem of transferring the Fleet headquarters to another city. Until the end of this week to “Pochaiv” will deliver all the materials, needed to repair the orlops. This […]

If the Navy transfers from Odessa – it will be a betrayal against the Mariners

  Odessa, December 8, 2014 Elena Solonina, Alexander Syvak, members of the working group of the Committee on Reconstruction and Development of the Navy under “Gromadska spіlka” Association of volunteers of Ukraine”, told at a briefing on the need to protect the Navy and sailors from the possible transfer and reduction.   The reason for […]