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Dmytro Tymchuk: Odesa should not fear an invasion, but actions of saboteurs may be amplified

Dmytro Tymchuk, MP, coordinator of the group “Information resistance”, gave a briefing on the topic: “The situation in the region: the risks and threats to the version of the “Information resistance”.   To date, we give Odesa 8 out of 10 on the terrorist threat. Of positive trends – the struggle against separatism is, Ukrainian […]

In Transnistria was detained opposition journalist on fabricated reason

  Nicholai, son of Sergey Ilchenko, who was detained by KGB of Transnistria, Artem Inozemtsev, social activist, Oleg Hvoshchevsky, chairman of the executive committee of the “Union of Transnistrians in Ukraine”, held a briefing on the topic: “For what was detained Sergey Ilchenko. What will happen to the detained journalists in Transnistria”.   Nikolai Ilchenko […]

To overcome the business of Transnistrian, authorities brought him to death

  Businessman Oleg Khvoshchevsky is not a professional filmmaker, but a terrible situation forced him to do it. The film is dedicated to the terrible crime. A man died in a prison. A businessman, who was accused of buying a scrap metal at a lower price. Any business does that. His name was Alex Trubnikov. […]


Reforming Ukraine, we will win Russia

Odessa, September 24, 2014 Artem Filippenko, a political scientist, said at a briefing on the current situation in the country and how it is affected by the laws adopted by Verkhovna Rada on September 16. Truce with Russia and the militants of Donbassis conditional. Every day we receive information that the fighting continues, soldiers dies, […]

Transnistria is supplying militants to Donbass

  September 15, 2014 Artem Inozemtsev and Oleg Hvoschevky told at a briefing about the political situation in Transnistria, persecution of dissidents and what may be the future of Donbass, if it will go the way of the unrecognized state. Transnistrian authorities declared Artem Inozemtsev a terrorist because of his pro-Ukrainian position and criticism of […]