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Diabetics are provided with insulin completely

  Odesa, March 10, 2015 – Natalya Dovgan, Head of Endocrinology Department of City Clinical Hospital №1 and Olga Agafonova, the chief doctor of the Odessa Regional endocrinology clinic told at a briefing on security diabetics insulin preparations in the Odesa region.   Natalya Dovgan said that in Odesa dispensary are 5404 patients, of which […]

Diabetes of children is treated with only one way

Tatiana Luchnikova, endocrinologist KP “Odessa Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital”, chief freelance children’s endocrinologist of Health Department of Regional Administration said at a briefing about the problem of diabetes of children.   Diabetes mellitus – is one of the most common chronic diseases worldwide. At the moment about 290 million people are sick. There are two […]

November 14 Odessa citizens will be checked for diabetes for free

Olga Agafonova told that today we know a lot about diabetes. We know how it arises, how develop, what complications it gives. Doctors are well studied how to carry out the compensation, reduce the number of complications to a minimum. Now the efforts of physicians are intended to convey to the people about this disease. […]

Diabetes: what the risk

Odessa, 10 November 2014 – Olga Agafonova, a chief physician of endocrinology clinic, a chief freelance endocrinologist of Health Administration at State Administration, said at a briefing about the treatment and prevention of diabetes. The problem of diabetes is enormous. Mortality from this disease ranks third place in the world, after cardiovascular diseases and cancer. […]