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To help a soldier. Army Chief Psychologist of Latvia will hold a workshop with volunteers

Odesa, April 24, 2015 – Volodymyr Burdeiny, Yulia Voronetska volunteers from “Volonterska Sіch” held a briefing on “Experience of psychological rehabilitation of soldiers in the European Army. Meeting with Army psychologists of Latvia”. Yulia Voronetska said that their union will organize a meeting with the Chief Psychologist of the Joint Staff of the National Armed […]

Bodybuilding Federation and “Spіlna Meta” are raising funds to help the wounded soldier

Maxim Maksimenko, Igor Torban Igor Torban, president of the Federation of Bodybuilding in Odesa region and Maxim Maksimenko, activist of volunteer movement “Spіlna Meta”, told at a briefing about how Odesa bodybuilders and volunteers banded together to help the wounded in the area of ATO Odesa resident. Igor Torban told that their Federation was organized […]

Together with the volunteer center separatists blew up rehabilitation center for disabled children in Odesa

Odesa, April 16, 2015 – Volunteer Alevtina Korotkaya said that the explosion in their center was the most destructive of all that had arranged terrorists in volunteer centers. The house, where the office is located, has 168 apartments, there live about 700 people. And this is happiness that was not there the gas pipe, because […]

Illichivsk authorities are doing nothing to help the volunteers

Valerii Demidenko, Olena Katkova, Yevgenia Zavaliy, Valentyn Tkachuk, Yevgenia Stratienko     March 18, 2015 – Volunteers from Illichivsk told at a briefing about the problems that prevent them from helping the Ukrainian Army.   Olena Katkova, a volunteer of “Illichivsk culinary hundred” said that volunteers cooks have a big problem – the lack of […]

How Illichivsk volunteers help the Army

Valerii Demidenko, Olena Katkova, Yevgenia Zavaliy, Valentyn Tkachuk, Yevgenia Stratienko   March 18, 2015 – Valerii Demidenko, volunteer NGO “Right”, said at a briefing on the volunteer movement in Illichivsk.   Volunteer movement in Illichivsk started a long time ago, even before the tragic events in our country, and there since 2004. Volunteers engaged in […]

Music from the heart of Maidan and ATO

Odesa, March 16, 2015 – Serhiy Vasylyuk, the leader of the band “Sun Shadow” held a briefing on “Creativity and the war: why do we actively help our Army. A few words about the Ukrainian Odesa”.   “Sun Shadow” plays Cossack rock. According to the leader of the band, first of all modern freedom-loving Ukrainians […]

Odesa volunteers have provided fighters in Pisky with mobile phones

Vladislav Balinsky, a volunteer, who had just returned from a trip to ATO zone, spoke about how he installed equipment for the fighters for mobile communication.   The trip was planned, a long time preparing for it. The main task was – to provide a 5-assault company of VUC in Pisky with quality mobile connection. […]

Eyewitnesses reported that in the area of Pisky there has not been any truce

Alina Podolyanka, a volunteer, who had just returned from a trip to ATO, spoke about the situation there. According to volunteer, village Pisky now – the hot spot. The fact that we talk about a truce – it is not true. Our guys are being shelled from artillery and mortars on a daily basis, about […]

On the marathon in memory of Kuzma (Andrii Kuzmenko) in Odesa will perform a lot of celebrities

Odesa, March 11, 2015 – Mykhailo Zhuravel, Kostyantyn Moroz, Stepan Chereshnya, Olexandr Krachok, organizers of charity concert-marathon “Kuzma with us”, told about how this event will take place.   Kostyantyn Moroz said that prior to the production center stands the most important task – in 14 days to hold a telethon of memory and a […]

Militants at Donbas at day withdrawn equipment, and at night return back and fire Odesa brigade

Ksenia Alexeeva, a volunteer, who oversees the 28th mechanized brigade, told at a briefing about the situation in the military unit, what problems the soldiers have on the front line. Volunteer reported that the brigade complies with all the Minsk agreement. The morale of the fighters is high. Recently they made the original video greeting […]