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There is no hepatitis in Odesa water

,   Odesa, March 23, 2015 – Kateryna Volyanska, head of sanitary department of the main department of the state sanitary-epidemiological service in Odesa region and Anatoly Polishchuk, head of the laboratory of “Infoxvodokanal” at the briefing denied the rumors about the presence in Odessa tap water HCV.   Kateryna Volyanska said that false information […]

Sanitary inspection reported that there’s no hepatitis in Odesa water

  Odesa, March 16, 2015 – Kateryna Vilyanska, Head of Health Surveillance State SSESU in Odesa region has denied rumors of contamination in Odesa drinking water hepatitis “A”.   According to her, last week on social networks, word of mouth has spread false information that in the drinking water of Odesa found hepatitis virus “A”. […]